Apple endorses federal privacy legislation at U.S. Senate hearing

At a hearing of the Senate Chamber of Commerce in Washington on Wednesday, Tribble testified with representatives of Alphabet / Google, Amazon, Twitter, D. # 039; # 39; AT; T and Charter Communications. Through this process, Tribble endorsed the idea of ​​the privacy bill itself and gave qualified qualities to most proposals submitted by most senators.

"We are honored to provide Apple support for federal privacy comprehensive law that reflects Apple's view of meeting you at this important hearing and the issue of privacy protection.

"To Apple, privacy is far more important than the right not to share personal information, confidentiality is to let the user control that information," continued Tribble. This allows the user to decide whether to share personal information or with whom. In other words, understanding how this information is used. After all, the secret is to live in a sharable world. Privacy should be supported by both social norms and law, fundamental human rights. "

"These concepts have led the design process for many years because personal information protection is the core value of Apple, not supplement to requirements and after sales," Tribble says.

Tribble also insists that the new privacy law does not put an excessive burden on application developers.

"There are several application stores with 6 million developers in the US, and there are several small businesses. [we hope that] According to Mr. Tribble's testimony, there is no burden on the storage of records to support the creation of "model privacy notice" for medical application developers There are cases where the official legal team can not be accessed, I am interested in providing this type of solution in the future.

Tribble agrees with most people …

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