Apple iPhone 6s plus

Apple iPhone 6s plus- Introduction

People love big phones, that’s just the undeniable truth, seeing that each year companies is pushing the boundaries by trimming off as a lot of the fat as possible to still make them somewhat manageable to operate. Apple finally investigates into the phablet space with the iPhone 6 Plus, which unsurprisingly enough, has gone on to become one of the most popular smartphones this last year.

Now, being one of those ‘S’ years, 2015 marks the appearance of the iPhone 6 Plus’s successor – the 6s Plus. Yes, the new phone might appear unchanged on the outside, but Apple has cooked up some special goodies to store its phablet in contention for another year.

Apple iPhone 6s plus- Design & Display

Apple iPhone 6s plus- Design and display

Being in that ‘S’ year, it should not surprise anyone to understand that the iPhone 6s Plus doesn’t see any major changes with its design – so if we’re to put the both side-by-side, it would be difficult to tell what’s what. There’s still that legendary premium design from Apple, one that’s accent most profoundly by its smooth and balanced aluminum frame. To be fair, though, they have gone on to employ an even durable 7000 Series aluminum to give it greater strength and durability, so for those concerned about another bend gate scandal, don’t count on it.

Superficially it looks similar to the iPhone 6 Plus before it, but the iPhone 6s Plus really bears some changes with its design. First and foremost, there’s now a new color option that is available with the new iPhone – rose gold. Honestly, it’s very subtle, because it looks more salmon-pink than rose gold, as it glow from its ‘rose gold’ color to silver, and even gold sometimes, depending on the angle we’re viewing it.

The Apple iPhone 6S Plus needed to pack the bigger battery than the iPhone 6S and have a 1080 pixel screen, but the 5.5-inch display feels so much more mire by the iPhone’s frame compared to the LG G4. That phone has the same size viewing area but a sharp resolution and bigger battery.

Apple iPhone 6s plus- 3D Touch

Apple iPhone 6s plus- 3D touch

The screen’s been upgraded in another way, yet 3D Touch is now included, meaning that like the Apple Watch and new MacBook you will get different interactions with the screen depending on how hard you press.

Using 3D Touch, you just press on the photo in your gallery to play the image (with sound). By default, all photo you take is a Live Photo, which means you’ll never miss an opportunity to see what was being said in the background.

Apple iPhone 6s plus- Camera

Apple iPhone 6s plus- camera

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus has a decent 8MP camera, but Apple realized that it required stepping up when the likes of Samsung and Sony are unleashing 16MP and 23MP sensors, and actually finding a genuine reason to have that high a number in there.

12MP won’t sound like a lot, but it means that the shutter speed is very faster than ever, the clarity looks crystal clear on the larger 5.5-inch screen and the overall photography standard from the iPhone is updated once more. The Live Video element, where the iPhone 6S Plus will take a 1.5-second video back and after your snap to take a type of Harry Potter element to things, is cool if not needed.

It’s impressive the shutter speed is not affected when you’re doing this, though – it’s still as rapid as ever and the pictures are amazing for a 12MP sensor.

Apple iPhone 6s plus- Battery

Apple iPhone 6s plus- Battery

The iPhone 6 Plus had a decent battery life thanks to the larger frame allowing Apple to pack in extra mAh, but it still wasn’t market leading. While battery life hasn’t been claimed but it should be a lot longer thanks to that new chip.

It could also be because of the new A9 processor being used too – not only does this new chipset support for greater graphics and a smarter experience under the finger but it should be more efficient and therefore, allow for a longer battery life.

Apple iPhone 6s plus- Pros

  • Very powerful
  • Retina HD display
  • Includes the awesome 3D Touch
  • Terrific cameras
  • Familiar quality design and build

Apple iPhone 6s plus- Cons

  • Very large
  • Expensive
  • Will take developers time to support 3D Touch
  • Entry-level 16GB storage is insufficient

Apple iPhone 6s plus- Verdict

The bigger iPhone isn’t going to be the biggest seller of the new Apple device, but the iPhone 6S Plus is definitely going to entice a new slew of phablet users. Those stuck with the ‘larger’ iPhone 5S will find this phone positively unwieldy at first, but the extra heft offers a lot of other benefits, like longer battery life, an improved screen, and more space to look at that lovely internet.

Between Apple’s both new handsets 6s or 6s plus, I would opt for the bigger Plus because of its high full-HD display and the camera’s visual image stabilization for better low-light pics.

8.5 Total Score
Compsmag Says

Between Apple's both new handsets 6s or 6s plus, I would opt for the bigger Plus because of its high full-HD display and the camera's visual image stabilization for better low-light pics.

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