Apple Joins Group Of Mesh Smart Home Network Standards Thread

Apple recently joined the Thread Group, an organization dedicated to providing mesh networking solutions to smart home devices, as a member of the organization's board of directors, suggesting the company's potential benefits. Adoption of this technology in HomeKit protocol.

While Apple is talking about this, the company is currently listed on the official member of the organization's BoD Sponsor site. Commitment leads to speculation about the location of Apple 's smart home thread.

A thread is a standard mesh network that conflicts with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, etc. Devices that use this technology will connect to each other instead of hubs or host devices to extend their reach and ease of use. Threads are designed to support the range of common mesh products such as Hue lighting, appliances, security systems.

"Threading technology does not depend on internet connection in the home or Wi-Fi, but provides a dedicated network for connecting products to home.

If you can have a dedicated IP network that connects products without compromising battery life, HomeKit devices have great advantages. At the moment, Apple can connect other products permanently by operating specific products with battery power. The home kit camera is an example of an accessory that can not operate with a battery even when there are many devices other than the home kit.

At the moment there are several thread products on the market, such as Google and Nest devices and small ones like Eero and 2nd Generation Wireless Router System. The Amazon who is trying to acquire a ring and advance into a smart home is also a member.

Apple's intentions on threads is unknown. The company may be joining us to understand all the options available on connected home products, or you may be considering using this technology with a future version of HomeKit. So far, Apple formally joined the organization before adopting the technology. For example, I joined the Wireless Charging Consortium and launched iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, the first iPhone equipped with inductive charging.

This is an indication that Apple is doubling at HomeKit and I hope this year some changes were seen on iOS 12. Among the major additions is the support of third party remote control.

Hope you like the news Apple Joins Group Of Mesh Smart Home Network Standards Thread. Stay Tuned For More Updates!

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