Apple keeps finding new ways to deny that the iPhone is getting too expensive

Mr. Tim Cook has questioned whether Apple is becoming what looks like a Gucci of technology thanks to the price of more than $ 1,000 of the iPhone essential to the lives of so many people today . What is the answer of this subtle south Tim? We pay a lot of expenses (here we insert hair film L'Oreal).

That is basically the answer he gave today in an interview with ABC's Robin Roberts Hello AmericaMostly people say they will pay a fee of about $ 30, as telecom operators will help assist mobile phone costs. It says Tim is useful if it is equivalent to "about 1 dollar a day". Even then, the price may not be as high as Apple. After that, Robin reminds me of all the products that the iPhone replaced. Things like cameras and music players are bad at first.

"I want to make an iPhone for everyone," Cook said in an interview that he changed the value slightly in contrast to costs. "This is always our goal and we have a couple of cheap (price) iPhones, but there are incredible cameras when you look at this cell phone, smartphone.

"Your cell phone has replaced the digital camera (and) camcorder, he replaced your music player.He replaced your video player.To get the most innovative products It is not cheap. "

Some Apple claims that the new iPhone model represents the technology giant that doubled the luxury brand position. When Internal business Even though it is constantly being rewarded, Apple says there is a risk of losing the whole generation of mainstream customers who dislikes Apple to pay so much fee for a phone call. Apple can not sell customers, but if you do not take out the door, take notice of the site, taking the blow like killing the SE to realize the reality.

That is to continue to find a creative way Apple approaches, like Tim's one-dollar one-day commentary. It may not be so easy to satisfy customers who are cost conscious with such answers.

Apple has decided to review the scope of the device by doubling the number of telephones to several thousand dollars and abandoning the device at the same time.


Hope you like the news Apple keeps finding new ways to deny that the iPhone is getting too expensive. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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