Bring Apple live photos in android Smartphone

Every year without fail, Apple announces a unique software component that brings something new to the table, and this year was no different. Apple is all about groundbreaking innovation. Apple has a lot of different cooling features to make it stay at a good place in the market. However with Android, you have got the ability to change anything. Apple has a great feature to take to live photos from its devices. It’s quite neat to watch live photos with a sound. It takes an image in GIF format. But don’t bother, it is not only available in Apple, but you can also get it with a small cool app in your android phone and simple knowledge. If Android is all about options, then iOS is all about new features. People at Apple are never bored of introducing the something fresh with every update. Android can also be on the same path plus it’s highly customizable, and its capabilities may be improved by the usage of some great apps out there on Play Store.

How to get Apple live photos in Android Smartphone

Step 1: Install Camera MX

The preferred app that brings the iPhone’s Live Photos feature to Android is called Camera MX; Camera MX is the best free camera app for android creating and editing photos including videos.

Step 2: Taking a ‘Live Shot.’

  • Now open the app on your smartphone to take a neat live photo.
  • Click on on the “Live shots” option from the top bar of your app screen.
  • Now start taking your live photo.
  • Save your photograph after the taking the shot.

Step 3: Viewing, editing and share your ‘live shot.’

After a few seconds of processing, your Live Shot will be ready to view, so tap the gallery thumbnail in the corner to check it out. From here, you’ll see a still photo, but just like Apple’s Live Photos, the image becomes animated whenever you press and hold the screen. Once you’re ready to show your creations to other people, tap the “Share” button at the high of the screen, then choose “Share Live Shot.” From here, you’ll see Android’s share menu, where you’ll be able to select an app or service to send the file to. The video is saved as a popular MP4 format, which indicates it’s suitable for most image-sharing websites and social media services.

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