Apple may be fighting saturated smartphone market in US, but iPad still has room for growth

This data, Pew Research Center It is suggested that it remains at almost the same level as in 2016. Previous surveys showed general growth trends for all monitoring segments, but the difference between results in 2016 and 2018 is relatively small.

Approximately 100% of US adults own and use mobile phones in 2018. On the other hand, 77% own or use a smartphone. Just as social media has found 69% of adults, the recorded results are the same as those in 2016.

Of the changed elements, Internet usage rose from 88% to 89%, tablet usage increased from 51% to 53%, desktop computer or laptop usage increased from 78% to 73% Increase.

Paul Hitlin of Pull says that: "One of the factors contributing to this slowdown is the fact that part of the population is approaching a saturation level that employs a specific technology." In other words, in some cases, there are still a lot of non-users Not.

When entering a particular group, about 91% of 18 to 49 year olds currently own smartphones or are using smartphones. That 99% uses some form of cellular communication. . The penetration rate of smartphones is 93% for households with incomes over $ 75,000 and 98% for those who own or use mobile phones.

In the case of the iPad, it is again suggested that the most educated and affluent person is the biggest user in relation to the possession and use of the tablet. 55% of adults aged 18 to 49 years report ownership or use of tablets, but more than 53% of all respondents are rising to 66% of university students and 72% of university graduates. Household with minimum income of $ 75,000.

Numbers are generally less than 60%, suggesting that the iPad is not crowded due to saturation problems and there are good ways before tablet ownership and use become a problem. Selling problems.

The color saturation in the United States is very competitive, but …

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