Apple music is much better now to display the artist's album

Apple solved one of Apple's biggest problems. The version of the artist is displayed and it is a useless way to be displayed on the service. Until now, I have grouped singles and collections with Studio Albam. When setting up a specific album, it was necessary to scroll and find many irrelevant or redundant versions. It also meant that it was difficult to know that an unfamiliar artist was the most important.

The studio album has its own section and is displayed first, but live album, compile, single / EP sections are separate. There is also a new option called "Essential Albums" that will be displayed under the best songs for great great artists. The choices are subjective, but for me it is generally appropriate. For example, Björk's choices are: Vesperteain, Homogeneous,and I will postI can take after

Apple Music

Things like luxury editions and remasters keep cluttering the view of the album, making the story of the art less clear. On the whole, however, navigation has improved considerably and I was hoping for it to happen forever.

This update seems to be done on the server side, so no user action is required.

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Apple music is much better now to display the artist's album

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