Apple Music Releases a Series of Top Chart Playlists – News

Apple Music will launch a new set of playlists, including Apple Song Music from around the world and 100 best songs from countries where Apple Music is available. As a playlist, users can add their country charts and top 100 songs to the library, stream it at any time, or listen offline.

This feature was first reported by Rolling Stone, who received a preview of Apple's changes.

At launch, a total of 116 cards were released for Top 100 Global and each Apple Music market. Many countries can access these new top 100 playlist tables, but the availability varies.

Also, based on the Apple Music feed, the best playlist is updated daily at 12 pm local time.

The Rolling Stone report shows that the issuance of these charts is increasing the importance of streaming numbers. He says that artists, managers, labels, scouts, etc. tend to see the best streaming graphics for new talent. In addition, this sector is adaptable to free paid broadcasting.

In this respect, domination of Apple Music in North America means that the number is particularly important for monitoring.

According to Tim Cook CEO's latest revenue announcement, Apple Music, which currently has 50 million paid subscribers worldwide, precedes Spotify in the North American market.

"We occupy a leading position in North America during the quarter, we are …

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Apple Music Releases a Series of Top Chart Playlists - News

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