Apple News doesn’t pay off for publishers, despite traffic growth

Apple News works better for Apple than ever, but many publishers have not done anything yet.

According to a new report, many publishers are seeing a surge in Apple's news aggregation service traffic. However, Apple News does not necessarily convert it to advertising expenditure for publishers, as it keeps users in the application rather than redirecting them to the original website. From there, actually!

slateThe report states the following

Apple 's mobile app has gained popularity recently based on publisher traffic and is exerting its influence. According to some sources, Apple News audience has doubled in 2018.

There are also opinions that it is one of the main traffic sources next to Facebook and Google. AT slateAs data on this is released, the page I saw on Apple News has tripled since September 2017, and recently the application has exceeded Facebook as a reference driver.

That's not all. slate The number of page views of Apple News will increase. L; # 39; information One day in February, Vox We receive half of daily traffic from Apple News. Internal businessOn the other hand, it was reported in May SecondaryApple News traffic doubled last year.

Mother Jones Since September last year, Apple News audience has increased by 400%. (However, some stores reported that traffic is stable)

Great news of Apple News

The problem is to convert it to dollars. In some cases this may work properly, especially if there is exclusion. Apple paid Buzz feed "We preview three documentary videos of Apple News before other platforms, but" such adjustments are not standard at this stage.

We also included the extraction of free books of political memoirs by Senator John McCain, A wave without restBy operating as a mini-advertisement for his products, it may have helped to promote the sale of books.

However, there are many places that are not so positive. That slate This report quotes sources of media claiming Apple News 'little or no revenue'.

One of the problems mentioned is that Apple can not sell advertisements because Apple does not sell lots of ads in the app and publishers do not support different formats. Announcement or …

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