Apple officially missed the USB-C mark on this year's iPhone

The latest Apple iPhone "XS" and "XR" were announced, Apple released a very dissatisfied choice of charging a USB type A lightning cable and a low power 5 W brick instead of a USB-C cable .

Apple has not explained why they are selling the latest best-selling smartphones. Also, in most cases, since Lightning introduced it in 2012, it sells over $ 1,000 cables. The company may be afraid to keep customers away from new and unknown cables.

But at this point, especially for Apple's most loyal customer, USB-C is neither new nor unknown Exclusive Almost all laptop port selection Apple sells.

In 2015, when Apple picked a 12-inch MacBook and integrated that decision with the MacBook Pro in 2016, it was based on the fact that it advances the industry by letting people use the new Port. But a few years later, the growth of USB-C is still very slow in the industry, many new products are "not adopted" and refusing to install ports on the device.

Apple is part of this issue: We emphasize the fact that USB-C is not a "real" standard port, including Lightning's USB-C cable. Why does not the accessor maker invest in USB-C, Apple regards it as a side project?

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Apple officially missed the USB-C mark on this year's iPhone

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