Apple patent covers a lens system for iPhones, iPads

The camera bulge on the future of the iPhone may include an “interlock scheme is for the installation of additional third-party lenses, according to a new patent granted to Apple.

The idea sounds possible, compromising on the sleek design, we have to expect from our iPhones. Yes, indeed, “the best camera is the one that is in your pocket”, but in the future, you might want to have a bag.

In the past few years, companies such as Apple, as a matter of urgency, to add an extra camera on their smartphone, allowing for an ultra-wide viewing angle and a short telephoto lens. Other photographic challenges that can arise in the form factor of this slim, portable computers, such as a zoom lens and shooting in low light is dealt with through software and algorithms.

As a result of this, a lot of great photographers using iPhones these days. Some of the works within the users’ boundaries. Others will expand on what the native camera, by the use of third-party lenses. Some of them even in the service of a complicated rig for a smartphone that is equipped with a mount for DSLR lenses.

Apple’s interchangeable lens mount, a patent will examine a few of the ideas

Apple’s constant push to revolutionize the smartphone camera. And yet, the ideas and the inventions registered in the U.s. Patent and Trade Office often do not see the light of day. Apple filed for this particular interchangeable lens, patented in march of 2017, however, it just won it on Feb. 14.

Patent abstracts may be vague and offer a variety of models.” For one, Apple’s idea was it to have a mount that attaches with a glue. The mountain air from the grooves to correspond to the mounting ring at the rear of the lens.

Another version could be to make use of a special camera module that would consist of sensors, and the auto-focus, flush, according to the patent information. “In some embodiments, a camera module may include one or more of the elements out of which an optical axis of a lens, which is in the possession of any one or more of the lens elements in a lens holder, and the interlock system for the fixing of the lens in the lens on the carrier,” the patent says. “In addition, the camera module, a lens, an actuator to move the lens holder relative to the image sensor.”

The patent also makes a reference to the voice-activated the engines, and the processors. A processor that would create an image on the screen of an iPad, iPhone, or iPad.

By: Apple World Today