Apple Pay Users Exceed 252M, More Popular Internationally Than US

Loup Ventures announced a detailed review of the state of Apple Pay after a positive outlook on the release of Apple results last week. Currently, Loup Ventures estimates that only 20% of smartphone users all over the world are using mobile phones as wallets, but we anticipate that this figure will reach 80% …

Gene Munster of Loup Ventures estimates that Apple Pay now has over 252 million users, 31% of the active installation base of the iPhone. Apple itself has not given up Apple's paid users, but Tim Cook announced last week that there are over 1 billion Apple Pay deals in the third quarter of 2018. Munster is planning a 200% deal next year.

In addition, Munster believes that adoption of Apple Pay is accelerating faster than in the United States. This is 85% of overseas users, only 15% in the US.

With the addition of a new country, it is no doubt that International was the protagonist of the history of Apple Pay. Currently, there are 24 countries where Apple Pay is accepted and Germany will arrive in late this year to 25. It is currently estimated that Apple's paid users are approximately 233 million (overseas: 215 million, US: 38 million).

However, Apple Pay thinks it is too small to run the overall business of Apple services, accounting for only 1-2% of the service business's turnover. But Munster wrote in the future that Apple has several advantages over competing platforms when certifying a digital wallet iPhone.

Since Apple can integrate payments with mobile and desktop operating systems, attract retailers using its brands, support desk stores, and reassure users the security and confidentiality of transactions, making the iPhone a high-end There are several advantages when certifying as a digital wallet. Apart from this, Apple Pay is the only digital wallet with five pillars: mobile, desktop, integrated application, peer-to-peer, and point of sale (POS).

Apple recently focused on Apple Pay's marketing, including the peer-to-peer aspect of Apple Pay Cash. This trend seems to follow the next few months, as Munster points out.

Source: 9To 5Mac

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