Apple released a new beta version of iOS 12

"New iOS update is now available, please update from beta version of iOS 12." If you are running the latest version of Apple's beta software for OS 12, you probably have this in the last 24 hours It may be harassed by notification. Dozens of times? Potentially hundreds? Notifications are now displayed each time the iOS device is unlocked yesterday.

Fortunately, on entering the weekend on workday, Apple released another update for iOS 12 to recover mental health. When you open iPhone settings, you can now download iOS 12 Public Beta 10 (Beta 12 Developer). Once you do it, unpleasant and constant warning about updates that did not exist will disappear.

Gilhelm Ramo was able to see what was wrong with the latest beta version of iOS 12. Build thought it would expire, causing a series of notices and massive frustration.

This awkward problem, iOS …

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Apple released a new beta version of iOS 12

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