Apple releases macOS Mojave with Dark Mode, Stacks, eGPU improvements, and more

This can happen every year, but the upgrade to macOS is still important. This not only brings new features to the Mac at all times, it is also not critical that the operating system is very important and so important that you have to take care of it.

In addition, even though Apple has been running this version for several years on the Mac, no one can update MacOS Mojave. However, even those who can update it will have to wait a few days before trying.

This is because the update slows down in an instant as the person downloading the OS Mojave slows down even on the Apple server will be displayed in the first few days or the first few days.

It's better to wait to ensure that the crowds of people downloaded on the first day correctly find problems Apple corrects.

Finally, we recommend that you wait a few days before you start a full backup of your Mac.

Who can do it

If a new MacBook Retina, Slimline model appeared in 2015, you only need to verify that there is enough space in the MacOS Mojave installer. It takes about 20 GB to do the work. Likewise, all iMac Pro models are.

If you have a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, it must be after mid-2012. In the case of Mac mini, models released after late 2012 are required.

Mac Pro is the most complicated. In the latter half of 2013, Mojave can be installed immediately. From the middle of 2010, especially in mid 2010, even if it is not newer, you can upgrade if it is around mid 2012. Your Mac also needs to be upgraded with a metal-compatible graphics processor.

Where do you get it?

If you have not seen the place to get MacOS Mojave yet, I will help Mac.

But this may not push you yet. There is no model we can see, but in earlier versions of macOS there is a possibility that Apple is pushing in a few days. If you have not installed the Mac yet, please visit the Mac App Store.

Opportunity you will find macOS Mojave featured there and you can click download Immediately. If it is not on the first page …

Hope you like the news Apple releases macOS Mojave with Dark Mode, Stacks, eGPU improvements, and more. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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