Apple sold 43% of all phones priced above $400 globally in Q2, earned majority of handset profits

The profit on Apple's iPhone is more than 3.6 times that of Samsung, making more than three times the profit of China's top 4 brands that sell 43% of the world's premium phones.

According to a new report by Counterpoint Research, Apple's global mobile revenue share far outweighs that of other mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

Apple's 62% share in the second quarter was significantly higher than Samsung (17%), making it more than three times more profitable than Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi. The remaining profit of the other over 600 mobile phone brands was less than 1%.

Counterpoint, "aggressive" efforts by Chinese brands to sell their flagship program shows that cumulative earnings reached $ 2 billion for the first time, Apple's share was $ 6 billion. Apple reports approximately $ 30 billion in iPhone sales during the fiscal year.

Analyst Karl Shauhan wrote that Samsung 's profit for smartphones "declined by 21% per year as sales of the Galaxy S 9 series fell below expectations." Shipments of the Galaxy S9 series decreased by 24%. "

Apple holds 88% of smart phone sales at $ 800

The profit of the industry is mainly produced by high class luxury models. In the second quarter, global smartphone demand decreased by 1%, while high-end smartphone sales (over $ 400, about one-fifth of smartphone sales) grew 7% globally.

Apple held 24% of Samsung, 10% of OPPO, 9% of Huawei, 3% of Xiamen's OnePlus and 43% of all "premium sales" above 2%.

Apple and OPPO were 22% of sales, Samsung 16%, Huawei 14%, Shaomi 6%, One Plus 5%. Between $ 600 and $ 800, Apple accounted for 44% of total sales, followed by Samsung accounted for 41%.

"Samsung's share of 600 to 800 dollars has declined as sales of the Galaxy S9 series fell below expectations," Tarn Pathak points out. Counterpoint said it is over $ 800, Apple accounts for 88% of sales.

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