Apple sued by ex-engineer over Find My iPhone patent credit, stock revocation after being fired

Darren Eastman wishes to be recognized as an inventor of five Apple patent applications according to a document submitted to the US District Court for the Northern District of California. The complaint filed on Thursday insists that Eastman's idea was accepted and used by Apple's products and their deposits, but credits are not being used.

Prior to joining Apple in 2006, a patent application for issuing electronic tickets from technologies developed by Eastman was extracted, declared in an intellectual property agreement, he signed with the company. The previous year. In February 2006, Eastman told Steve Jobs, former CEO, about the concept of ticketing. Mr. Jobs said he was "incredibly horrible", potentially allowing Ticketmaster to hold the monopoly right.

In a patent application for finding my iPhone, Eastman insisted on losing the original iPhone in 2008 and encouraged the design of location information systems. In October 2008 he was recorded with Apple's internal radar bug tracking system and Eastman is said to have been told to start talking with other members.

The first attempt to gain the support of the then iTunes director failed. The suggested customer said, "Who dislikes such features, I think Apple watches over them." In 2009, I approached the concept of iCloud Eddy Cue vice president, recognized that I needed to work with Apple's infrastructure, after receiving positive comments, I was appointed vice president of iOS Scott Forstall Contacted.

My iPhone was released in June 2010.

Eastman concerned about patent protection of this technology asked whether Forstall should appeal and asked Apple's patent attorney Richard von Wohld, but I could not get a satisfactory answer. In 2012 and 2013, Apple applied for four service patents related to function. The name of Eastman is not included in inventor list.

This case was regarded as a "process" claiming that Eastman represents himself. "My lawyer has developed a stroke and has been rescued for a while as a helper," Eastman said. "He does not know if he is going to recover from his old level and since then I have run out of money after I have not worked …

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