Apple Tells Congress it Found No Signs Of Tempering

Apple, Amazon, and Supermicro have each strongly denied that their systems have been tampered with following the release of a Bloomberg Businessweek report last week that Chinese agents have introduced microchips into servers manufactured in the country. In a letter to congressional officials, Apple reiterated its denial, saying it found no sign of tampering.

Stathakopoulos told reporters that Apple has said it never finds malicious chips or vulnerabilities intentionally planted on a server or has been contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) about it. He said he would be available to inform congressional staff on the issue this week.

Bloomberg said Friday that it remains true to its history, based on 17 anonymous sources. Some claims were based on fewer accounts or even one anonymous source, Apple said in its letter. Beyond each of the company’s respective denials, US and UK government agencies safeguarded them, each claiming that they had no reason to doubt their statements.

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