Apple updates Logic Pro X ; MainStage with external Sound Libraries, more

Apple released a rare update on Thursday to two pro audio applications, Logic Pro X and MainStage, and added new features and small enhancements.

Both applications support transfer of sound library to external storage device and are useful for those who need to switch between desktops. When importing audio, Alchemy selected digital editing of parameter values ​​and dragging of hot areas for resynthesis and sling options.

Logic Pro X has a smart tempo detection function for multitrack recording to define the project tempo, import function of multitrack segments to follow or set the tempo of the project, and so on.

By dragging the automation points on top of each other you can align them vertically and in the new mix mode you can set send levels and panoramas with channel strip faders and pan controls. You can add an automatic link to the score editor's note and eventually move the user's memory by tracking it or adding it to the project.

MainStage's MIDI Channel Strip Input Inspector allows you to classify, convert, or transmit MIDI CC data. Text notes can now be added to the bottom of the channel strip. The metronome tool has more configuration options that are divided into the Bar, Group, Beat, and Division categories.

Adding content includes Visions for Alchemy libraries with two vintage brush kits for drum kit designers, over 800 new loops, and 150 "movie" presets. New plugins include ChromaVerb, Step FX, Phat FX, Vintage EQ collection, Studio String and Studio Horn, Standalone Mellotron, Retro synth version with 18 filter templates. Musicians can adjust the individual steps of the arpeggiator and Loopback insert short crossfades in each cycle to minimize artifacts. Space Designer was redesigned with a scalable Retina interface.

Other changes in alchemy include 12 new forms of synthetic formant filters, side chain inputs that can be used as sources for envelope followers, automatic time alignment, and additional effects.

Logic Pro X is $ 199.99 for the new owner and MainStage, the complementary application for the live program, is $ 29.99.

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