Apple wants to corner the market on squeaky-clean TV shows

Originally, Apple may be producing more than 20 original TV programs, but I do not think that it is filled with themes and items for adults.

According to a new report, Apple aims for a large-scale program without "free sexual intercourse, blasphemy, violence". Although this rule is not absolute, it means that only a few Apple TV programs will receive a TV-MA rating.

Wall Street Journal It says that this perfect approach caused several problems on Apple 's original TV show. Originally Cupertino prompted the creator not to censor the vision of the television program and contacted the content creator. But Apple obviously changed that mindset.

According to the report, Tim Cook vital signsHalf a century drama based on Dr. Dre 's life seemed to be too violent. The show was one of Apple 's first television shows in preparation for 2016 and beyond. The future direction of the project is unknown.

Apple TV is avoiding sex, violence, vowing words, politics, religion

Apple's opposition is not simply violence, sexual behavior, insult. by WSJApple also takes steps to avoid challenges to areas that are regarded as having an openly political mindset and religious implications.

Jennifer Aniston-Reese Witherspoon's drama's humorous thing would have caused her show runner's corruption. Apple would have thought that the series was more 'optimistic'.

Show runner on the backside of Steven Spielberg's product Incredible Restart was also canceled. His vision of the series is "too dark" for Apple's taste. He went to the show A black mirrorCupertino was kind to my family.

Former Sony executives Jamie Ehrlicht and Zack Van Amburg, breaking badWe are seeking more advanced content. They are working on Apple's original television program, but they are (obviously) responsible for the taste of Cook.

Apple looks for more family friendly content

For Apple's longstanding fans, the company 's approach to entertainment will be familiar. Steve Jobs takes anti-pose of porn on iOS and prohibits adult apps from App Store.

This was a mixture of reactions from users at the time. Several people have supported Jobs' position to make the App Store a family place, but others have seen it as the App Store.

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