Apple working on thermal imaging to aid computer vision systems

The US Patent and Trademark Office announced Thursday, Apple 's patent application "Method and system for identifying at least one property linked to at least the actual environment". This application specifically relates to the use of a camera to analyze computer vision, ie the scene, and to obtain useful data from what is seen.

Since many algorithms are designed in a static environment, the archive identifies problems with existing computer vision analysis techniques in dynamic environments, but only camera configuration is unique. object. It is definitively tracked.

If there is more than one moving object in a scene, depending on the movement of the elements of the scene, the accuracy of camera pose tracking will degrade or even become invalid. Furthermore, the motion of the object may cause recognition problems due to shielding of the view by the camera.

The viewpoint of the 2D camera can be converted to a point in 3D space, but the movement of the object in this space also causes the positioning problem of the 3D camera.

One of the answers to the application is to use a system of two cameras of different types, consisting of a main thermal camera and another normal camera. Although both systems can effectively provide the same viewpoint, the thermal imaging camera can provide thermal map data to the algorithm and be associated with the image data provided by the second camera.

This algorithm analyzes the thermal image and combines it with the image data to determine which elements in the scene are to be separated from the other elements, add heat to the color, and the contrast and other attributes commonly used for analysis You can decide.

In the case of Ecuol, wearing a green uniform and playing football in the field, the thermal image blows heat to the place where the player is located on the cooler background of the turf. The algorithm determines that an object is present in the heated section of the heat map and is used to distinguish the actor from the normal image.

It can also be used to determine occlusion of flat images …

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