Apple#039;s iOS 12 update is causing sporadic issues with iPhone charging

According to several reports, there are bugs in iOS 12 that may cause periodic and random problems that the device is connected to the power supply or the device is not charged when it is in the charging block Yes. You can connect wirelessly without user intervention.

In the Apple Discussion Board, 108 users comment on potential problems on iPhone XS or iOS 12. This error occurs when you connect the Lightning cable to the charging port using a generic wall charger or Qi charging pad.

In most cases, the iPhone will behave as you expect and will immediately start charging your mobile phone.

Sometimes, however, the user who connected the phone does not get a charge symbol or noise emitted from the device when charging starts. Some users plugged in and started charging, waiting 10 to 15 seconds and then putting the phone to sleep, but it is not necessary to unlock the phone.

"If you do not interact with a cell phone for a while, it will not react even if a charger is plugged in," the user said. "But when I release it I will lift it up and I will start using it, it will recognize the charger.

Unbox Therapy I have tested various iPhone XS units in the studio and discovered that there is a possibility of repeating the problem. They tested nine separate iPhone XS and XS Max phones and were able to demonstrate the problem many times. However, AppleInsider There are no problems appearing on iPhone XS Max, iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus, Wall Adapter, or others running iOS 12 connected to a computer connected to Lightning or USB-C Various Qi Charge Buffers .

However, the first generation iPad Pro for the iPhone 7 and 12.9 inches revealed this problem once in several tests performed on Saturday night.

This problem may be related to the restricted USB mode developed by Apple to protect the data on the phone to devices trying to download data from the phone for repressive or harmful purposes. The restricted USB mode should not interfere with a simple wall charger, but as you have noticed, you need to unlock the device by lifting the mobile phone to charge it in the idle state. Connect to the device via Lightning.

This problem can also occur in other places. Belkin; # 39; its original power house and Barrett charging stations are …

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