Apple's announced television service: everything you need to know

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, is overseeing his company's harassment on TV and video. He talks about iPhone X on the release date of September last year.

Apple has uneven track record on television. His decoder, Apple TV,Leisure"For years, Steve Jobs said it was"Finally cracked"There is a way to make a set of iTVs tied in 2011, Death of the year. The company, Virtual cable service.

But the latest Apple TV plan can not be quiet for a long time. Apple catch Big name offer Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mr. Night Shyamalan, Steven Spielberg Many other. I hired a company Two TV officers Lead the effort. And the company Budget 1 billion dollars Last year I was recruiting projects for these movies and television stars.

The only problem is that you still have no room to look at them.

Apple does not discuss the ultimate plan for that All this programming Away from CEO Tim Cook's vague signsIt supplies fuel to the theory about what society has. Due to investment levels and the breadth of Apple's pipeline content, many people have predicted that the company plans new video services. His service will be launched at the time the DC universe has issued its own streaming options by all major media. Manga rate there is Disney to be offered, Of course the pillars Netflix.

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Apple's announced television service: everything you need to know

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