Apple’s iPhone XS Max is a Winner. For Now

People with iPhone X have little incentive to switch to iPhone XS. However, iPhone XS Max seems to be the winner. At least until iPhone XR's pre-order begins.

People are always looking for a data angle to prove that Apple failed the concept of the new iPhone suite in September. After that, figures have appeared in the quarterly performance report, Apple is doing fine.

Range and price iPhone 2018.

Last year, the introduction of the second half of iPhone X in November was recognized as a sign of misfortune. It did not happen. iPhone X succeeded. And the iPhone 8 also went well.

This year, due to technical problems on the display obviously, the iPhone XR pre-order will not start until October 19th. On the other hand, iPhone XS Max is doing fine. At Gene Munster and Will Thompson LoupVentures . "IPhone: Application launch: Xs Max's demand further exceeds past demand"

There are considerable analysis and historical data here.

1. To avoid queuing on the release date, consumers are increasingly selecting to order devices online.

2. iPhone Xr is scheduled to start on October 23[sic]38% of the iPhone sold in the following year against 21% of the maximum value of X and X (9% X, 12% X maximum).

The remaining 41% is more likely to be iPhone 8 and 7. Even though XS Max is more preferred, it is not necessarily so wide. XS will find that niche. However….

Xs Max's interest surpassed the past demand of the Plus version, with an average of 54% compared with 70% of respondents purchasing Xs Max [previous] More versions.

This may be due to the fact that there was an LCD screen at 8 Plus last year, and this year's XS Max is equipped with an OLED display. Or, thanks to astonishing graphics and video capabilities and radio bandwidth, movement to larger screens may be accelerating.

This is to ask the customer what the customer's preferences are and to examine the past data to identify the trend. Apple knows more when it announces income, Apple's scope is still strong, Apple understands customers. In practice, among other things.

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