Apples latest iPhone XS ad is a big, old mess

Apple's advertisement had sophistication. In a sense, the taste of Steve Jobs is penetrating the way Cupertino communicates.

After his passing, things were unstable touch. There was a truly memorable announcement. But plus, though they do not believe to support their life, are taking a gentle music.

For a long time, Apple preferred to show people dancing.

Also, the first impression of iPhone XS Max: It's too big, but it's not too big

Apple 's first iPhone XS advertisement was a big fantasy attempt. That only real trick was to hide the character now without chances.

The dog gets bigger and the man does not have it. strange.

Screenshot of YouTube by ZDNet

Now the company has released a new job, a very depressed work.

The idea thought deeply is that the screen gets bigger and everything gets bigger.

Also, iPhone XS and XS Max reveal battery surprises

Yes, as if you visited Texas.

You shoot the cat and it gets bigger. You shoot your friends and they grow up.

And if you believe it, you shoot the dog and it grows as well.

In addition, specifications of iPhone XS, XS Max, XR: Battery size, details of RAM displayed in new folder

No, how long did it take someone to think about it? How long did Apple take to not be as inspirational as Apple ordered chicken meat in KFC?

I understand that Apple recently is doing so many things to many people.

According to Apple's announcement, "All things you love are growing bigger, besides the imagination of Apple's creative division, that's all.

Also, the beauty of the iPhone XS smartphone is really shallow

Despite the fact that Samsung may have broken for a long time to make the phone larger, it is not for the first time that he boasts that Apple has a bigger screen.

Do you remember the iPhone 5? Apple was an attractive announcement and explained how the large screen works for humans. He showed that the screen is designed with the human stretching ability in mind.

At that time Apple's advertisement was clearly Apple.

This new announcement may be for Samsung as well as for Apple. Here, Samsung 's announcement boasts that it is a house with big and big ones.

I do not remember it. After all, it is from 2017.

Also, the iPhone XR will exceed the XS value of the upgrade

Before and related …

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