Apple’s MIA AirPower charging pad is seriously messed up

Last week's Apple event celebrated the first anniversary of Apple's first release of AirPower Wireless Charging Mat. Since then, Apple did not say anything about technology. Now all the signs have been removed from the company's website.

According to a new report, the problem faced by Apple is based on thermal management issues, but there are other hardware and software issues as well. As a result, the possibility of products arriving this year is low, and Apple used even AirPower's concept and brand for new products revised in 2019.

This report is from Sonny Dickson, quoting Apple's best known "multiple internal sources". According to Mr. Dickson, AirPower currently generates a lot of overheating, which affects the ability to charge properly.

There is a communication problem between AirPower and the equipment attached to the carpet, especially with respect to communication with Apple. Dixon writes like this:

"Mechanisms used to charge multiple devices we can confirm are three main products to charge (AirPod with charging accessory housing without wire, if not present, iPhone, Apple) , It is extremely difficult to build or refine, causing considerable interference at this point, reducing the efficiency of the loading belt and allowing the engineer to face Contribute to the thermal problem.

What is considered to be an important element in the current technical struggle is that three different coil sizes must overlap in each coil set which, combined with the very compact size of the device, "

Finally, he noticed that the complexity of the circuit of the device poses a big problem as well. The only way to solve this problem is thought to be to make the device slightly thicker and wider, but Apple is hesitant to compromise design in this way.

Mr. Dickson suggests at the moment that "the broad agreement among engineers" suggests that devices are unlikely to be commercialized by the end of the year. He points out as follows.

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