Apple's original content seems really really bad –

Last year, investors predicted that Apple will spend $ 4.2 billion on original content by 2022, but if reports on the nature of this content are currently being published, the company may wish to regain his money unknown.

A new Wall Street newspaper We emphasize some of the tensions Apple is facing in aiming to create multimedia streaming services A story of maid, A castle on the sand, Orange is a new black, Iron throne,Furthermore Awesome Mrs Mrsel.

set the table, newspaper Tim Cook promised some problems obviously had vital signsThis is the title that the company got incorrectly based on the biography of Dr. Dre, former president who bought a billion dollars at Apple, Beats.

According to the report, after Cook saw the mansion, white line, shotgun scenes, Apple's boss is not what Apple can broadcast,

For Apple's content department, free blasphemy, gender, or violence are all iconic, producers valued highly for high quality consumer goods and offer entertainment at the audience circus.

In other words, Apple's manner seems to have changed a bit.

There is a problem with Apple trying to collect studio only for those equivalent to wheat cream. Many other high-tech companies stick to this figure, and the studio is fighting for survival.

Money can talk with Hollywood, but the viability of creative control, public guarantee, programming also has its place. Creators are much more comfortable with more diverse programming quirks and their broadcasting may be stimulated by the success of other darker programs including extensive programming. .

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Apple's original content seems really really bad -

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