Apples patent application reveals focus on an iPhone that wont scratch or bend

Each of the three new iPhone models Apple announced last Wednesday gets the IP68 rating and can be immersed in a depth of about 5 feet in 30 minutes. In addition, Apple says the glass used in the device is the most durable glass ever used in smartphones. This may be enough to satisfy the owner of the iPhone for now, but Apple has not been abandoned. The patent application filed with the USPTO in March 2017 reveals that it is working on an abrasion-resistant finish to protect the device from bumps and scratches.

This patent application describes a hard outer layer having an intermediate layer between the metal substrate and the outer coating. The latter can be made of a ceramic material with all hardness of diamond or a hard carbon based material. The outer layer has a thickness of from 0.5 micron to about 3 microns and is harder than the intermediate layer. This "intermediate layer" is measured between 8 micrometers and 30 micrometers.

The name of the patent application is "Abrasion Resistant Surface Finish on a Metal Housing on a Metal Housing", according to which the coating provides abrasion resistance and improved resistance to bump formation. This patent application adds that "a coating that provides improved resistance to wear and bump formation is described".

Please click on the slide show below and see the picture of the patent.

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