Are we tired of purchasing the iPhone?

With 11 years of existence, the iPhone has become a huge contradiction.

Meanwhile, especially after the price rise of the flagship model last year, the iPhone is a luxurious item. People save it to buy it and measure social and economic circumstances. In the ocean of smart phones doing almost the same, Apple's smartphone has a premium premium. This is a well-known explanation of fashion and jewelry brands and products, but not so much in the technology industry.

The backside of the iPhone is that we will continue to exchange as if it were a basic consumer good. If I bought a 1000 dollar luxury watch, I think it will last more than ten years, but Apple recommends buying a new expensive iPhone every two to three years. The company sells sneakers but seems to charge for the price of dress shoes.

Dieter Bohn / The Verge 's photos

The iPhone was more expensive than usual …

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Are we tired of purchasing the iPhone?

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