4 Brilliant Ways To repair your broken videos

by Jones David

We store a lot of precious memories in our video files. And for many professionals, their video files are a result of their hard work. Thus, even after a long time, video files are equally important. But video files, no matter in which format, are not immune to getting damaged.

While there are several ways in which you can prevent your video files from getting damaged in the first place. Still, if the video is found corrupted, don’t worry, they’re not beyond repair. All you have to do is read this article and you will get a clear idea of how to restore your broken videos:

  1. Converting the file to a format supported by your media player

There are dozens of video file formats out there and just as many media players. While there are some media players that support just about any format, there are others that can play files belonging to only some formats. For example, the VLC media player can play only those files which are in the .AVI format.

Sometimes, when our videos won’t play on our media player, it is quite possible that the videos aren’t corrupted, instead, your media player doesn’t support the format the file is in. That’s why, whenever you encounter an error in playing a video, you should first check the extension of the file and then see if your player supports that particular extension. If not, you can convert your media file using a third-party software to the format that your media player supports.

On the contrary, if you see that your media player supports the file format you want to play, you can still try to convert the file into some other format as there are instances when converting the file format fixes the damaged file and your video starts playing. Ensure that you use a reliable software else your file may end up getting corrupted.

  1. Transferring the files once again

In most of the cases, video files are damaged while they are being transferred. If there is any disruption during the transfer process, the file can get corrupted and won’t play when the receiver tries to open it. If your file gets corrupted while transferring, you should transfer the file once again and avoid anything that caused the disruption during the first transfer.

Many files also get corrupted while downloading itself. A basic requirement of downloading anything is to have a stable internet connection. If, while downloading a video file, your internet connection is not strong or is disrupted during the process, the file may end up getting corrupted and won’t play after the installation is complete. You should try to access a stable net connection and try to download the file once again to avoid it from getting corrupted.

  1. Use the VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media playing software in the market. If you are looking for free video repair, VLC is probably the best option for you. It has an inbuilt feature that fixes some uncomplicated problems with your video files. The VLC Media Player can repair only those files that are in the .AVI format.

If your file is in some other format, you don’t have to spend time converting it using third-party software as VLC has an inbuilt feature that does it for free. Just remember to select the ‘fix always’ option in the dialog box that appears whenever you try to play a broken video in the player and you won’t have to worry about fixing broken videos yourself as VLC will do it for you. 

  1. Use a video repair software free

While the VLC media player is a great free video repair software, it fails to fix videos that are severely corrupted. For fixing such videos you will have to take the help of a more advanced and professional video repair tool.

At present there is a lot of video repair software in the market, some charge money and some are free. You might want to select a free video repair software in order to save some money, but make sure that you select a reliable one or your video may end up getting damaged even more.

At present, Wondershare is one of the best free video repair tools in the market. For video repair software full version free download, click here.

It will help you fix all your video files properly and you won’t have to worry about spending time and money looking for any other software to repair your broken video files ever again. It will also help you deal with any kind of corruption your video has faced and you’ll be able to restore your precious videos and play them once again in no time. You can access the corrupted video file repair software free download page here to read more about the software.

Over to you 

Taking preventive measures to protect your videos from getting corrupted is still the best thing you can do to keep your files safe. Always downloading or transferring files over a strong internet connection, keeping a power backup while playing and protecting videos from malware are some simple steps you should take to ensure that your mp4 files don’t get corrupted.

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