5 Key NetBase Social Media Reporting Indicators

by Jones David

Social media reporting is the process of prioritizing data you have gathe red. You can use these reports to analyze multiple aspects of your online marketing campaigns. When observing your digital platforms using social reporting, you will want to pay attention to key marketing indicators.

  1. View competitive analysis results

Watch for ways that your competitors might interact with their target audience. Does it bring them increased numbers of leads, sales or likes, and shares? If so, it will give you ideas of how you can better reach your audience when preparing your social media calendar. You might gather this data via social media listening or when using page scanning software

  1. Observe link tracking data.

Look at what links your visitors click on the most. The n, provide more of what is on those links. On well-performing web pages, you may also want to display a call-to-action button. Observing link data via shortening services is one of the simplest ways to take advantage of this kind of information. It can help you send visitors in the direction you want them to go and turn them into leads.

  1. Pay attention to hashtag trends.

Social media reporting will tell you what hashtags perform The Best and when. However, you also may be able to spot an additional piece of important information: The platforms on which certain hashtags may trend versus another. For instance, it often happens that a hashtag that is popular on Twitter is found nowhere on Facebook or Instagram and vice-versa.

  1. Observe reactions to specific posts.

See what people are saying about the content you post. Furthermore, formulate reports on reactions, likes or shares and views. This information usually is provided in your campaign dashboards and on your social media pages. You also can observe conversations in real time, especially if you see that a conversation is currently happening on a post.

  1. Pay attention to evidence of content preferences.

For instance, you might notice a specific age range of people who prefer video or slides overlong blog posts. Others might react better to a short image or text quotes. When you find out what kind of content they like, it can help you further categorize them and customize marketing efforts to them.

What to Do with Social Media Reporting Statistics

Gather the information to share with your marketing team. Use it to plan your ad campaigns, and improve upon the conversations and content you would offer to your target audience. Social media reporting can also be used to narrow down your demographics for specific products and brands.

If you sell multiple services and offer a broad range of merchandise, reports from social media can help you tailor every campaign you run. It will also show you what platforms will work best for marketing certain products you sell but perhaps which ones not to spend much time on for others.

How NetBase can Help You

Finding out the truth about your social media page performances can be eye-opening. It also can be helpful in numerous ways by showing you what is working now and what needs improvement. However, this process also can be time consuming. Contact NetBase for help with the social media reporting process.

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