5 Types of Marketing to Use For Growing Your Business

by Jones David

Establishing a business isn’t the hard part – it’s growing it. Finding your niche in the market is just the beginning of the entire business venture, but what happens afterward is just as crucial. Growth and expansion mean that a lot of thought needs to be put in, and marketing is one of the most basic tools to achieve that.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing always seems intimidating at first. The way that social media is built means that the re’s an entire infinite network of people all seemingly promoting or discussing something. While it often feels chaotic, it’s one of the most beneficial types of marketing out the re, because it means that you not only promote your brand but that you also directly communicate with your customers and audience. Properly using social media can be a giant boost for your business, so make sure to use it to its full potential.


At first, blogging might appear like a mundane or even useless thing. However, it’s one of the most powerful ways to market your brand. Blogging in a professional environment means to get your content out there on, but that content needs to be made with a sense of authority behind it. Try to answer questions on sites like Quora, post content on Medium, and even start working with LinkedIn’s publishing platform. The possibilities are endless.

Ads in Emails

One thing is certain in today’s online world, and that is that people constantly check their emails. With smartphones being used as much as they are, people are constantly aware of what’s going on in their inbox. Gmail ads are a very effective way of getting your brand out there because it’s something that everyone constantly checks for. That way you’d create a relationship with your subscribers, and very soon you’ll have a loyal following.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a tool that everyone needs to understand when they want to market their brand. It’s often thought of as the holy grail of online marketing and for very good reasons. It’s an extremely effective way of getting organic traffic on your website, which then funnels sales into your business. That way you’ll get a huge increase in your audience, and it’ll feel entirely natural for them to interact with your brand because they arguably haven’t seen any other ad before clicking on your website in a search engine.

Affiliate Programs

Collaboration is a basic aspect of growing your business. Most things in life can’t be achieved solo, and marketing is sometimes like that. It often takes collaboration with affiliates to reach new levels of growth, and it’s an investment that’s practically always worth it. You might be discouraged after a while, but make sure to stick with it, because the benefits of using affiliate programs will absolutely show up after a while.

Marketing is a tricky business. While it’s something that you can do for yourself, it’s sometimes much better to have help from professionals like Broadplace, who know exactly what they’re doing, and how best to help your business grow properly.

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