9 Life Hacks to Create A+ Essay in College

by Jones David

It doesn’t matter what course a student specializes in, there will be required to write an essay at some point. There are students out there who find the art of writing an essay daunting and a part of their studies they do not like. If you happen to be one of those people, this article provided by service that writes essays will provide you with a few life hacks that will help you create an A+ college paper and take the stress away.

Understand your tutor’s format

While on the surface you might produce an essay that is amazing, you will be deducted points if you do not follow the format that has been provided to you by your tutor. Before you even start writing your essay, make sure you know the format you need to follow by asking your tutor if they want Chicago, MLA, Havard or AMA.

Stay clear of basic and common grammar mistakes

If your essay is covered with grammar errors and mistakes, it reduces its value significantly in the eyes of your tutor. Students who English is not their mother tongue will make plenty of errors compared to those who are born speaking the language but thankfully there are tools out there that help correct grammar mistakes. Websites like Grammarly for example and even Google can be used as good grammar guides and add value to your content before you submit it.

Get your tutors thought on personal pronouns

When your tutor asks you to produce a formal essay, using pronouns like “we”, “you” and “I” are not allowed at all. It is only when an essay is informal that these pronouns might be allowed in your content.

When in doubt, just simply speak to your tutor to see where they stand. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your academic studies. The last thing you want is to repeat an entire semester all over again simply because you added pronouns while you were not allowed to.

Try to read your paper out loud

If you want to highlight your grammar mistakes, another wonderful tip you can use is read your content out loud. If it doesn’t sound right to you and the sentences feel like they are going on forever, reading out loud helps you figure this out and change things around before you submit.

Get a second set of eyes

It does happen a lot when you are writing an essay that something sounds good in your head but when you type it, it doesn’t come out as good. This is where you need a second set of eyes to make sure that your thoughts come across well.

Anyone you trust can be your second set of eyes. It can be your family member, classmate or a good friend. You can ask them to read your essay and highlight anything that doesn’t make sense. They will be able to point out any typos you didn’t realize are the re.

Try to mix things up when it comes to your sentences

When your essay has sentences that are too long or too short, it makes you come across as stiff and uninspired. The Best approach is to have a balance, a good mix of long and short sentences in your essay that flows very well. There are tools on the internet you can use to see if your essay as a good mix when it comes to sentences. If these tools are showing you that your sentences are the same distance, your mix is perfect.

Use infographics and images in your essay

Infographics and images are perfectly fine in essay writing as long as they are properly sourced. Sometimes when a student writing their essays, they might find it hard to express certain thoughts and the only way to express them is to use images and infographics. These are visuals that communicate what a student is saying clearly and quickly.

Use originality checking tools

With so much content being written on a regular basis and put online, it is easy for a student to have the same sentence as someone else. It can make work come across as plagiarised even if that wasn’t the case and that is where a student has to turn to originality or plagiarism checking tools.

There are so many free websites out there that are able to tell a student how original their work is. Using them does not hurt at all and it is better to use them than find after a bad grade that content provided was not original.

Stay clear of the so-called filler words

They say that we all write how we speak and to meet a certain word count, most students resort to using filler words. These are words that do not have any proper meaning and tend to make sentence unclear. Some of the most common filler words that many students use include “even”, “really”, “that” and “very”. These should be avoided and deleted in your essay.

Creating an A+ essay in this day and age is a lot more than having good analytical skills and presenting your findings better than your fellow students. You also need the hacks that have been pointed out in this article. When you know these 9 life hacks by heart and follow them religiously, you will have no problems producing an A+ essay as well as eliminate any errors before they are spotted by your tutor.

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