A Definitive Guide to Cloud Based CRM Software

by Jones David

In the world of business today, you may have come across a number of terms starting from CRM to automation and even integration. While many of us may struggle to understand what these terms mean, we can start out by first understanding that many of these are technologies and tools that can actually help us when we are in the process of running our business. Let us look at a few scenarios to understand the how, when and where of the entire business of CRM or customer relationship management. 

When you get online to run your business, you are met with a plethora of opportunities and information that can help you achieve higher conversions in lesser time frames. Yet, there is a catch here. This can be done by those who can actually engage with each prospect within these opportunities and also by those who can collect and store each piece of information for better and more relevant lead generation. In some cases, these leads might be relevant and in some cases, you might meet a dead end. In all scenarios, this means you are spending precious man hours in toiling away to do these tasks manually. This is where CRM and specifically the cloud based CRM software comes into play. 

The cloud based CRM is one that has come to the fore with the evolution of the CRM system. A CRM or customer relationship management system is one where the functions within the sales pipeline are automated and set in tandem with the relevant information to be used for carrying out the said function in an efficient manner, and for the relevant team member to use the information for carrying out the function. In keeping with this, there are a number of softwares and platforms that one can use so as to collect this information and then channel the same into targeted campaigns with tasks that litter the sales pipeline towards a higher rate of conversion. Using cloud based CRM is the latest trend in this arena.

While using CRM itself is an emerging trend in the past decade with the emergence of platforms like Hubspot and others, there are a many different kinds of platforms to tackle various aspects of this entire gamut. While some of these platforms offer you lead generation along with email marketing, there are some that offer you a complete marketing automation solution so that all your functions and information can be easily integrated on a single platform. Yet, this may turn out to be an expensive ordeal especially for small and upcoming businesses that have limited resources at their disposal. If you have such a business and are looking to maximize your revenue with minimum investment and optimal use of a small team, then the cloud based CRM is just the thing your business needs. 

A small business cloud CRM software is one that helps you host your CRM framework from a cloud based location. Needless to say, this reduces the cost of creating and using the CRM software by leaps and bounds. The cloud based CRM software is one that can truly take your business to the next level with the following benefits at play:

  1. Installation is a breeze: When using cloud based CRM, you will find that the installation becomes quite easy due to the fact that the entire platform or the software is hosted on a cloud that already has a framework in place to support all your data collection and storage needs along with the relevant functions in all the right places. This makes the installation an easy task and you would not have to spend tons of funds or rely on a large and expensive team to get the needful done. When you are installing your cloud based CRM software, you will find plenty of flexibility in terms of customising the framework and the structure to meet your exact needs as well. This makes it all the more worthwhile. 
  2. Scalability becomes a reality: With the cloud based CRM, you can actually scale your business in a positive manner – and fast. The growth aspect is one that increases by leaps and bounds thanks to the fact that your investment or spend is much lower and the revenue thus generated is actually of much higher value since you are spending less of that amount on overheads like installing, running and actually optimising an entire CRM software or platform. The small business cloud CRM software is one that can actually help you achieve a number of goals provided it is installed properly and it has all the right functions that can fuel and propel your business towards a higher conversion rate. 
  3. Access becomes easier: When you are running a small business, you never know where the next opportunity may come from. If you have to stay in one place, this may actually limit your opportunities and hinder your growth. In order to make the most of your growth story, you should be able to access you systems from anywhere and at any time. This can easily be done by the cloud based CRM software that allows you this kind of access. With the CRM software, this may not be possible at all times, but the cloud based CRM gives you the right kind of access from anywhere. Further, this also gives you the opportunity to hire people from all over the globe so that you can actually choose the best person for the best job. And finally, this all helps you grow because using cloud based CRM means that you can service clients from all across the globe as well. 
  4. Integration and ease of use: When you are using cloud based CRM, you are actually buying into a system that will help you integrate all your other platforms and functions with ease due to the accessibility aspect and also due to the fact that the framework allows such integrations with much more ease. 

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