According to world research, alcohol is not healthy

by Jones David

Please do not drink it. In a new global study, we conclude that consuming alcohol is not healthy.

This report, published in the medical journal The Lancet, analyzes the world alcohol consumption and disease risk using data from 195 international bases from 1990 to 2016.

And this is not a good thing for us who said something like “red wine is good for the heart”, “strong cider has health benefits”.

The survey concludes that maintaining health is The Best decision not to drink alcohol at all.

“Researcher Max Griswold says,” Alcohol related health risks are minimized once a day, but as people drink, they are growing rapidly, “In previous studies, in certain situations Although alcohol protection effect was recognized, it turned out that the health risk associated with alcohol increases as the amount of alcohol increases.

Although it was found that female ischemic heart disease and diabetes preventive effect were effective, it was not enough to neutralize the overall health risk associated with alcohol. Even small amounts such as drinks and twice a day contribute to health problems.

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