Apple Reportedly Working With Valve On AR Headset

by Jones David

More and more reports on Apple’s augmented reality (AR) headphones have been released. The report, which comes from DigiTimes, indicates that Valve, developer of video games and founder of Steam, is currently working on this project with Apple.

According to the rumor, Apple’s AR headset is expected to be launched by 2020. This distributor is also behind popular game franchises such as Half-Life, Portal, and Counter-Strike. The company has also been working with hardware companies for a long time, with HTC Vive being the most prominent example.

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It’s unclear how the headset will work, including whether it will use a screen for iPhone, similar to the now-dead Samsung Gear Gear VR or the distressed platform of Google, Daydream. That said, rumors about the ambitions of Apple eyeglasses and earmuffs have appeared so often recently that they have at least some degree of truth.

According to previous rumors from Bloomberg’s often-reliable Mark Gurman, Apple’s AR-style headset would synchronize with the iPhone to offer features such as messages, maps, and video games directly to the wearer. The report adds that Apple has also “considered” to create an App Store dedicated to the next device.

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