Are Free Antivirus Programs Any Good

by Jones David

Whether you are a Windows, Android, Mac, or iOS user, all of them possess security protections. However, does it guarantee complete safety from viruses, ransomware, trojans, etc.? Well, the answer is an absolute no since these operating systems contain some vulnerabilities. 

Malware can create blunders for your system and even risk your online identity. It is unsafe to browse the web without proper internet security protection. There are myriad options of antivirus programs with features of web protection, password managers, firewalls, parental control, etc. 

Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that your security is in your hands and you should choose the best protection as per your needs. 

What do free antivirus programs offer to you?

There is a wide range of free as well as paid antivirus programs in the market for you. But are you doubtful about the reliability of free antivirus programs? In that case, the below-mentioned features of free antivirus might give you a lot of ideas. The first and foremost feature, “Free of cost,” is enough to gain your attention. It contains basic protection features like firewall, spam protection, ransomware protection, VPN, etc. Some features are limited in scope.

All the operating systems support these free antivirus programs, whether you are a Windows, Android, iOS, or Mac user. It does not even require the renewal of your license from time to time. Compared to the paid versions, free antivirus comes with lesser features. But these limited features are enough to protect your system against malware and cyber-crime. The availability of fewer features makes them very lightweight on system resources. Bitdefender, Avast, Kaspersky, etc. provide free versions to protect your system. 

Free Antivirus V/s Paid antivirus

  • Paid antivirus programs provide a lot more layered protection. Several additional features like a sandbox, wireless protection, etc. are offered by the paid programs. The free programs provide only basic features, unlike paid programs that contain advanced features. 
  • With free antivirus, you do not require to lay any focus on license renewal of programs. At the same time, the paid programs demand the timely renewal of license within the license period. Hence, a recurring cost that you need to handle.
  • Antivirus companies prioritize the paid programs at the time of any new update. The free antivirus comes second on their list when it comes to bringing updates. They keep the security of their paid customers over the free customers. 
  • If we talk about these programs’ usability, then the paid ones are a little more complicated because of the additional features. The free antivirus programs are more comfortable to use due to its simple interface. 
  • Paid antivirus users receive a dedicated support service from the companies. Most security providers do not offer any support or help. Even if they assist, then it is for their paid customers.
  • Paid programs are more successful at detecting and preventing threats than the free versions. They possess advanced and multi-layered protection capable of providing complete protection to your system.

Benefits of Paid Antivirus:

  • It is more effective when it comes to detecting and blocking unknown threats in real-time. Since the paid antivirus programs are updated regularly, they are more reliable.
  • It offers a lot of scanning options using which you can schedule regular scanning. It even takes care of your essential files and also creates an automatic backup.  
  • It also offers parental control, which lets you safeguard your kids from any harmful or abusive content. Using this feature, the parent can even manage the screen time of their kids. 
  • You can prevent all your devices like PC, Mac, or mobile phones from unknown malware and computer threats by paying for an antivirus. 
  • By paying for antivirus of your choice, you can even get rid of those constant irritating ads of paid antivirus programs. 
  • It is more secured to do online transactions with paid antivirus installed in your system as it prevents the theft of your card or bank account details.
  • Being a paid customer, you are even provided with assistance or support if you need any. However, not all the security provider companies offer it. 

Is it worth paying for an antivirus?

If you are looking for completely reliable and efficient security protection, then paying for antivirus is not a bad deal for you. The paid programs tend to cover online as well as offline activities. You are prone to a higher level of threats if you use internet banking or online transactions. In such a scenario, paid antivirus software is more trustworthy. The paid antivirus companies keep updating their version of software regularly as per the new or probable threats.  

There are several paid antivirus options available. We recommend choosing an antivirus like Bitdefender that includes all advanced features and provides an extra layer of protection against viruses and malware. In case you wish to switch to the paid version while keeping the price at the minimum, you can search for Bitdefender discounts and get the best deals.

Besides, if you use your system for playing games, browsing social media, and internet surfing, free antivirus is enough to satisfy your basic needs. If you are an advanced user, then going for a free antivirus can be a sound decision, as you can access any unknown threat and use your antivirus accordingly. It entirely depends on your needs, whether it is worth paying for an antivirus or not. Some free antivirus programs are as good as the paid ones, so it is totally up to your requirements. 


Free antivirus programs are helpful if your needs from an antivirus are basic. A reputed free Antivirus is good; However, you should be an aware Internet user and follow all the best practices.   

If you want reliable security protection for your system, then paid antivirus is a fruitful investment. Many security provider companies offer both paid and free antivirus programs. Hence, you can use the free version first and then decide whether to pay for advanced features. 

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