Automate Your iPhone: How to Make Calls Answer Automatically in 2023

by Jones David

How often do you pick up the phone with dirty hands to answer a call? Indeed, such situations happen to you quite often. When you’re fixing your car or cooking dinner, you’re thinking about how to answer the phone so that you don’t need to touch your phone with greasy or dirty hands or, worst case, spill liquid on it. 

For most people, this causes a lot of inconveniences, so everyone dreams of such a feature to be able to answer calls without using their hands. Fortunately, the iPhone manufacturer offers owners a built-in feature that you can discover if you carefully look through the options offered in the gadget’s settings. 

We’ll cover when the auto-answer calls feature is especially useful and how to answer calls on your iPhone without using your hands. 

When is it necessary? 

Talk on the phone without using your hands 

When you’re especially busy, you can’t find a free second to reach for your device and answer an incoming call. You can’t do without the modern feature that offers to pick up the phone automatically. Such an opportunity makes life easier for many people in the middle of something. 

This feature can be especially useful for businessmen, who can be so absorbed in work that it is impossible to reach the phone. However, businessmen do not always have the opportunity to talk to the person calling. Or if the call is from a client or employee, they may want to redirect it to another specialist. 

In such cases, you can use another helpful technology called phone auto attendant. Such technology offers many useful options, so you should find out what a phone auto attendant is. In general, the most helpful feature is that the caller can be greeted by the system and redirected to another specialist when you are not comfortable talking. If you use your SIM card for both your family life and business, then you may find that your contacts may call you outside of business hours. Thus, with the help of a voice assistant, you can get rid of annoying calls. 

Relief for lazy people 

Imagine that after a hard day at work, you found some free time to lie down and watch a new movie. Unfortunately, when you find a comfortable position, you may find that your phone is far away. You must force yourself to reach for the phone or get up from the couch to take your device. 

Now you can get rid of the discomfort if you use the automatic call-answering feature. After a few seconds, depending on what delay you set, the conversation will begin, and you will not need to reach for your iPhone. You can talk on the phone without changing your comfortable posture. However, if you see someone you do not want to talk to call you, you still have to get up to end the call or hang up so the other person thinks you are busy. 

Keep doing what you do 

According to Murphy’s Law, when you are free – no one calls you, but when you are busy with something, all your contacts immediately need you. You may be under your car doing repairs or preparing food when your hands are dirty, or you may be doing something else. It would help if you paused to wash your hands and pick up the phone, which is inconvenient. 

Drivers experience the most significant discomfort when a person calls them while driving and they need to pick up the phone. However, talking while driving is very dangerous, which many drivers ignore. This often leads to accidents on the roads. 

In such cases, automatic pickup will be your salvation. You do not need to be distracted from your affairs to talk on the phone. Simply turn on the advanced feature and talk on the phone without being distracted from your activities. 

How to enable this feature on your device? 

Some steps may differ if you use an older operating system version. If you are using an iPhone 11 or newer, then you should do the following: 

  • To get started, you should open the settings menu and scroll down the menu until you see “Accessibility”; 
  • You will also find many exciting features you might not have guessed here. You should scroll through the menu to the very bottom, where you will see the “Touch” button; 
  • You will find the corresponding function that you need to click on; 
  • After selecting the function, a menu will open before you, where you can select the sound source. Just below, you need to click on the function you need again; 
  • After selecting, you should use the on-off switch to enable this function; 
  • Next, you will see that not only can you turn on the feature that will help you answer calls hands-free, but you can also set a time interval after which the handset will automatically go off-hook. You can select the duration you want using the plus and minus icons. It can start from 3 seconds to 60 seconds. 

If you use an older smartphone version, you should find the menu with the general settings, where you will find “Accessibility.” In the same way, you should scroll down to find this function. 

Use Siri 

You can also use the intelligent voice assistant to help you answer or hang up calls. Do the following if you want to enable this option: 

  • You need to go back to the settings menu, where you will find the corresponding item about the voice assistant, which is called “Siri & Search”; 
  • Next, turn on the toggle switches, due to which the voice assistant will work every time you say “Hey Siri” out loud; 
  • You also need to enable another feature so that the voice assistant can listen to your commands even when your screen is locked; 
  • Below you can use other settings to tailor the feature however you like. You can choose the language, your smart assistant’s voice, and more. With this assistant, you can make outgoing calls, receive incoming calls, and ignore calls when you can’t or don’t want to talk. 

Now you understand that owning an iPhone gives you access to many advanced features you won’t find on other smartphones. 

Let me bottom-line it for you

You simply cannot reach your phone to receive a call in many situations. You might be busy with chores, or your hands might be dirty, so you don’t want to touch your device. iPhone offers you one of the most valuable features – auto-answering calls. You can answer phone calls without using your hands. You can set a specific interval for when a call will be answered. You can also use an intelligent voice assistant to receive and answer incoming calls for more convenience. You can do all this and connect both functions with just a few clicks in the settings menu. 

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