Broadband Must Haves For Online Gamers

by Jones David

Even The Best online gamers need a stable broadband connection. No matter how good you are, an unstable connection is capable of causing lag at best and completely dropping a game at worst. When this happens at a critical moment it is beyond frustrating and results in the loss of progress and hard work. However, it is not enough to simply pick up any package. Compare broadband deals and find The Best cheap deals using a comparison site like that provide the following factors.

Download and Upload Speeds

Most modern gaming requires some kind of online connection. Multiplayer games facilitate connections to other gamers online and new content that comes with new seasons and game passes needs to be regularly downloaded. Even single-player games are usually downloaded digitally and the ones that are not downloaded still require patches and updates to be brought up to date.

The Best way to download content is with high-speed broadband. Faster download speeds mean waiting less time to start the next gaming session come patch day or when downloading a new release. Upload speeds are an important factor in minimising lag and sharing replays with other gamers. Plus, many modern consoles double as home streaming services and players who watch shows on Netflix or through other deals and packages need fast downloads for uninterrupted viewing.


When you compare broadband deals low ping has to be one of your top priorities. Ping or latency is how long it takes any of your commands to be received by a server and then how long it takes the result to display on your screen. This means that in games like Fortnite that require fast reactions, a low ping is essential. Even in slow games like Minecraft the delay between mining a block and it dropping quickly becomes infuriating if it takes too long.

Low ping is always better. However, it is important to remember that there are other tricks you can take advantage of to reduce latency. If the cheap deals you found advertise a low latency and you are not seeing the result, try altering your setup. If your computer or console is too far away from your router, particularly if you are in another room then it may be increasing your ping.


Your router broadcasts your Internet connection in the form of a WiFi signal throughout your home. It is responsible for taking the advertised download speed, upload speed, and ping and making them a reality. This means that if it is not good enough, then you will not be receiving all the benefits of your package. If this is the case you have two choices.

You can opt to find a different package, making sure to check the reviews and see what people think of the router that comes bundled with the package. However, many bundled routers are low quality and those that are better do not necessarily come with cheap deals.

Alternatively, you can use your deal comparison site to find the cheapest deal that provides the speeds you require. Then you can use your savings to purchase a superior router from another location. Routers are functionally interchangeable and purchasing a better model brings long-term benefits. It allows you to be more flexible when hunting for future packages from other Internet providers once your current package expires or when a better offer comes along. Your good router will always be relevant and you never have to worry about this aspect again.            

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