Can I Host My Website in CDN in 2022?

by Jones David

Companies do their best to work with audiences from different countries via online stores and websites every day. When large websites serve content, it is not done from a single server or even from a group of them that are installed in the same place. Instead, they utilize so-called hosting with CDN that disperses servers and provides better content delivery.

The Basics of Work

By properly distributing and caching the content, CDN technology reduces the load on the main server and brings all the content, including highly interactive, closer to users.

There are several locations in each CDN. They are called Points of Presence (PoP) and work throughout some regions and their servers.

My Website and CDN

Many companies, including G-Core Labs, offer customers a reliable and effective CDN under affordable pricing and compatibility and integration with management systems for content.

Some of the benefits that the company gets are the following:

  • Global reach without markups. The websites will be automatically distributed across the global network.
  • Many plans contain pre-installed, customizable SSL/TLS, and the client gets as many custom domains as they wish or need.
  • CDN is generally HTTP/2-enabled. This technology has a higher speed than HTTP, and it improves the loading time for pages and rankings in search engines.
  • The client can make, update, or delete different resources or individual files from the cache.
  • The initial CDN plan can be extended anytime with a few clicks.
  • Payments can be made monthly or cancelled anytime.
  • Deep analytics are also provided for the fullest tracking of the activity and effectiveness of the system.

As for G-Core Labs, we also have the greatest support team that is always ready to solve any issue whenever you need.

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