Complete Skills Guide for RuneScape

by Jones David

The whole game is based on the well-known mechanics “from zero to hero.” During the game, you train your character in a way that suits you best. One of the methods is to train skills like Smithing. Thanks to the few NPCs (trainers), you can pay to obtain levels in the relevant skill. Those NPCs also usually have a shop where you can buy all the items you need to make a new one, for example.

In RuneScape, you’ll find a lot of skills that can be developed and on which most of the available quests are based. The choice is wide and, most importantly, you can improve them all – your level of experience doesn’t matter. But some skills are limited for members only.

List of free skills:

  • Combat – Skills required for all quests and other activities. The level of your hero is based on the simple calculation of 5 combat skills (attack, strength, defense, stamina). Attack means how you hit the enemy and what level of weapon you can use. The more attack points, the more often you hit the enemy, and you can use the better the weapon. Strength stands for the damage inflicted on enemies (monster or enemy player). The defense is for determining how much damage you will get (from monster or enemy player). Endurance defines your HP. The more HP you have, the more hits you can endure. Combat is significant in this game. Without it, you can’t deal with more powerful monsters. Monsters that have 10 levels more than you are almost unbearable. So you have to train your fight hard in this game.

  • Cooking – Cooking is needed for some quests and preparing food. Food is, of course, used to keep your HP at the maximum level. You can eat while fighting (if you have prepared some meals earlier) to regenerate health — the more points (cooking points) you have, the better the meals you make. And better meals restore more health.
  • Crafting – Crafting is also required for some specific quests. Thanks to it, you can craft many different items for quests or your equipment. The higher the level of Crafting, the better the items you will make.
  • Dungeoneering – Skills that let you go deeper into Daemonheim. It’s a dungeon for all single and team players.
  • Fishing – This is one of the skills attributed to Cooking. With fishing, you can make a meal that eaten will regenerate your HP.
  • Magic – Magic is a skill for utilizing advanced Prayers, upgrading items, reading and making magic runes, or using teleports.
  • Mining – Skill attributed to Crafting. This skill allows you to create the resources you need for items. Depending on your level, you can extract ores from rocks and mines.
  • Prayer – Prayer is an additional skill, thanks to which you get a certain buff for a short period (depending on what God you are praying to you). When this skill ends, you need to go to the nearest altar for more energy. The higher level means that you can use more powerful buffs, and they will last longer.
  • Range – Archery skill. That means using a bow and a crossbow. ATTENTION – magical staff and magical attacks are not ordered – they are all magical, which is another skill.
  • Runecrafting – Magical skill that allows you to use magic runes, teaching you new magical powers.
  • Smithing – This skill lets you work with ores and other raw materials that you collect with Mining. These two skills are linked.
  • Wood Carving – This skill is used to make fire, arrows, and constructions. Depending on what you are going to do, you may need wood.

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List of payable skills:

  • Agility– Skill required for Agility quests. Most achievements are engraved here and there on one of the tracks. For each jump or summer session, you will gain experience. If you reach a high level of Agility, you can use it in the terrain. In RuneScape, the re’s an abundance of trails and shortcuts that can’t be used without high Agility, so this skill is worth training for.
  • Construction – Building Houses.
  • Farm – Farm and cultivate.
  • Fletching – Every archer must be interested in this skill. It lets you make unique (which are nowhere to be found) or very expensive arrows — for example, flares.
  • Herblore – Skill with which you can make different potions. Thanks to this skill, you can make potions that increase the attack or cure it.
  • Hunter – Hunting animals.
  • Calling – Calling creatures of the world, who will fight for you.
  • Slayer – Ability to kill monsters that are impossible to kill by other methods.
  • The ft – Pickpocketing and opening the closed chests.

Most of the skills in RuneScape are available for free-to-play, but several skills are only available to members. You can train skills or whatever you want – but there are quests and achievements related to them. If you’re going to complete them, you’ll need to train certain skills. You can mix them the way you like and, for example, craft items that can’t be found in any other place.

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