Converting Olm Files to PST or Office 365 Using an OLM Converter

by Jones David

Over the years, Microsoft has evolved into one of the most popular email clients. No other email client has been as successful as Microsoft Outlook in providing convenience in managing people’s emails.

Microsoft also offers Windows and Outlook for Mac clients. But this calls for the need to convert emails in Outlook for Windows to emails in Outlook for Mac, commonly known as OLM files. After all, in outlook, email content is saved as PST on windows but OLM on Mac.

Hence, you need a swift OLM to PST converter software to convert data from one platform to another. For this purpose, the best converter available today is the Stellar Converter for OLM. The software helps convert data across the two platforms very efficiently.

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More About Stellar Converter For OLM

Stellar is one of the renowned brands which excels in data recovery software and other tools used for converting data from one platform to another. Stellar Data Recovery is one of the industry’s most used and effective products. It has succeeded because of its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools for converting OLM files to PST format. The software is available in two different variants:

  •  Technical version ($99)
  •  Standard version ($39)

The free trial version previews the converted emails without ‘To’, ‘CC’, & ‘BCC’ fields. Given this, the user still needs to own a license key to save OLM data into PST.

Features of Stellar Converter for OLM

As we have mentioned various advantages of using Stellar Converter for OLM, let’s look at its various features.

  •  Compatibility

Stellar Converter for OLM is compatible with almost every version of Windows. Also, the requirements for this software to work on your system are the bare minimum, and the user can easily use it on any system. This feature of Stellar Converter for OLM makes it a very accessible and easy-to-use product.

  •  Converting files

If you’re looking for software that provides easy conversion of files with minimum effort, Stellar Converter for OLM could be one of the best products available in the market. It is an easy-to-use product with an interactive user interface and UI.

  • Exporting

Stellar Converter for OLM can convert files to any format such as EML, PDF, etc.

  •  Automatic updates

Stellar Converter for OLM is a dynamic software that receives timely updates, adds new features, and fixes various bugs. The user can check if the updates are available within the software by choosing the Update Wizard option in the menu bar.

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  •  Log report

All the conversions that the user exercises using various tools of Stellar Converter for OLM are compiled into a report and presented to you. In this report, the user can check the time taken to convert that file, the time of starting and ending the conversion, and any other particular remark, if required, is also present.

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  • Find File

When the user is looking for the files they will convert, the Find File option helps them find those files. This makes the tedious task of finding files easy and reduces the time taken to find a particular file. Using this option, a user will be presented with a list of files in the desired format. The user can choose from these files and carry on with the conversion process.

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  • Preview option

The preview option helps the user access the converted files before exporting them or saving them. The user will find this option very helpful when they need to do a correction or when a different file (not the required file) is converted.

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Using Stellar Converter for OLM

We performed the following task to verify the efficiency of the Stellar Converter for OLM and know how easy it is to use a converter for converting the files. Using Stellar Converter for OLM, we converted a file of size 720MB, and the result was not very surprising; the software is easy-to-use. Stellar Converter has a very user-friendly interface, guides the user at every step, and can help them convert the file efficiently.

If you are a Mac user using OLM Data files and want to save the OLM file in Office 365 without the MAC system, you can use Stellar Converter for OLM.

Another major part of using any converter is its installation process. We have used various software to convert our files, and all these software had a very confusing installation process. But while installing Stellar Converter for OLM, we didn’t face such issues, and the installation process was very smooth and quick. The installation process involves downloading the software or purchasing it from the official website, and after that, they can carry on with the process of converting the file. 

The software might ask the user to grant some of the permissions, after which it will run without any hindrance. The UI of the software is relatively user-friendly. The first window the user encounters is the Convert window, which allows the user to convert files into the desired format. Moreover, you will get all the options on the menu bar at the top of the window.  

Hence, we can say that the minimalistic interface of Stellar Converter and all the essential options required in the process of conversion of files are present in the opening layout itself, making the conversion process very easy.

Evaluating the performance of Stellar Converter for OLM

During our test, we found that the Stellar Converter for OLM does not require any high-end hardware to work with. Other software used for conversion depended on the device or system we were using. But Stellar Converter can be used on any device without restrictions or specifications. Instead, we found that we could convert files with Stellar Converter for OLM on devices with a standard configuration very quickly and efficiently. Following are the requirements for installing and using Stellar Converter for OLM on your device.

  • Your device should have a minimum of 2GB of RAM.
  • Pentium class processors can also support the Stellar Converter for OLM easily.
  • Though the hard disk requirement for using Stellar Converter is 250MB, we recommend having at least 4GB hard disk in your system to avoid any problems converting the files.
  • Stellar Converter for OLM is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and so on.

Although the Stellar Converter for OLM can be used on a low-end device, a device with higher specifications will always provide a better result, given the processing power and versatility. Also, a high-end device will take less time to convert a particular file than a device that meets only the minimum requirements.

Can we also use Stellar Converter for OLM to convert files into other formats?

To clarify the above statement, we used Stellar Converter for OLM for converting files not only into PST format but into various other formats as well, such as:

  • HTML
  • RTF
  • EML
  • MSG
  • PDF

This assists users in getting access to the mail without accessing MS outlook. Further, the user can access standard tools like a web browser to access and share the mail.


To conclude, we can say that if the user is looking for software for converting your files without much effort, they can blindly trust Stellar Converter or OLM for this task. Stellar Converter for OLM gives the user the right platform to convert OLM files to PST without any issues. Users who try to do the same task through similar software might face various issues, like device incompatibility, software crashes, etc. 

But when the users are using Stellar Converter for OLM, its user-friendly interface and minimalistic layout help the user to carry out the process of file conversion easily. Also, the features mentioned in this article give Stellar Converter for OLM an edge over other similar software. These features help users to enhance the process of conversion of files and make it more simplified and accurate. Download Stellar Converter for OLM today to experience these excellent features.

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