5 Best Features of Android Marshmallow 6.0

by Jones David

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Features of Android Marshmallow – Google has officially released its latest Android Version 6.0 Marshmallow. The look and feel are inspired from Android Lollipop. Finally google released a developer preview and tools of Android M. We all know very curious about to know Android M features. Today I’m here with a list of 5 best features of Android Marshmallow. Check out our list below and leave comments if you like and please share it with friends.

Features of Android Marshmallow – List

1. App Links

In Android 6.0 app links work even faster than earlier versions. Just consider a Scenario where the user already used MX player to play videos. So, now if the user need not to select MX player as it already granted permission.

2. Android Pay

All Mobile Payment will be more secure with Android pay. It uses NFC and Host Card Stimulation techniques in Android Pay which are already have been experimented in Gingerbread and KitKat.

3. Doze

Doze is the new feature that Google introduced in Android M. Work of Doze is to optimize the battery life of a smartphone. Suppose if the phone isn’t moving then the apps in the background is removed. Only high precedency features are kept alive.

4. App Permissions

The users will get the total command over the permissions on a single particular App. But depending on the context, the users need to grant the permissions. In Settings, now you can manage all the permissions of a particular app. Now in Android Marshmallow the users need to take particular permission depending on the context. For eg: in Facebook messenger, I want to use only the camera for sending photos, therefore I need to take the permission for Camera only.

5. Fingerprint

Fingerprint works along with Android Pay for mobile payments. Android Marshmallow  allows to use Fingerprint system to confirm payment in Google Play store. But now developers need to use new API’s to get fingerprint authorization to their app.

So above is all about 5 best features of Android Marshmallow 6.0. I I hope you like it so please don’t forget to share this post with others.

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