Flowz Review: one of the Software to manage Business Remotely

by Jones David

Flowz is one of the best professional service and software providers for all B2B businesses that operate remotely. With Flowz, managing your business becomes much more manageable, even without hiring new employees. It offers several high-quality and professional services that can help you immediately increase your conversions. And not only that. They also provide a range of brilliant software that makes it quite easy for you to collaborate and coordinate with your team, wherever you are.

With Flowz, you can outsource your business work and get your job done in an efficient and timely manner. This makes it a powerful and cost-effective resource for solopreneurs and small businesses that are not yet ready to hire permanent employees. Let’s see what it offers.

Services and Features of Flowz

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Cloud Storage

Cloud storage enables you to securely store and share files online with individuals or a team. Create circles (groups of users) with separate permissions to maintain security. 

‘Drive’ combines with the platform’s email service, and you can easily grant access to anyone via a link or email, not just team members. 

Because it is cloud-based, no one needs to be in the office or on a specific computer to access a file. Enhance your ability to work remotely by creating spreadsheets, slide presentations, simple text, and whiteboards – all while working.

Video Conferencing

Flowz provides a secure meeting and video-conferencing application that can be used for team meetings or meetings with your clients.

It allows you to invite any user and discuss matters in a secure environment. You can also easily schedule meetings, send invitations, check your upcoming appointments with your clients or teammates.

So, along with these features and options that Flowz offers, it is a complete solution for business meetings. You don’t need to use third-party software like Slack or Zoom to communicate with your team.

Project Management

A business platform would be useless without managing projects and tasks. ‘Projects’ allows you to easily plan, assign, and track your team’s work.

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It works through a task board and integrated calendar, with cards grouped by To-Do, Doing, and Done. Administrators easily create and share projects, dragging and dropping cards across the board as needed. You can choose to share projects discreetly with specific team members or let everyone join in.

The project acts as the parent, which can include many individual tasks. Set an overall project due to date in addition to assignment due dates, and assign team members to the entire project or just specific tasks.

CRM and Chat Room

‘Contacts’ is the Flowz customer relationship management (CRM) column. Here you can import contacts in CSV, synchronize Google contacts, and manage them manually. Name, address, country, zip code, contact number, and email address.

You can group contacts to create segmented lists, and it’s up to you how you label them. For example, you can create lists for customers, suppliers, and distributors. You can also sort them instantly by name, date of addition, location, etc.

‘Talk’ is a messaging tool that replaces Slack. It allows your team members and suppliers to communicate securely in text, with the ability to share pictures and other files. You can start an audio/video conference call from the chat window by clicking the blue button in the top right corner.

Starting a new conversation is easy; select or search users to add them to the group. Outsiders can also join via a unique password-protected link. This prevents unauthorized access while restricting unauthenticated users from starting their conversations.

Calendar and e-Sign

Yes, Flowz comes with convenient calendar management software. You can effectively sync it with any calendar, make it public and then easily keep track of your busy schedule from one place. It will ensure that you never miss a meeting or important tasks that need your attention.

All modern workplaces require digital signatures. Although DocuSign is currently the most widely used tool, Flowz offers a similar tool called e-Sign. It also supports PDFs and Word documents and keeps track of every file sent for signature. You can easily see which ones have been signed or are yet to be signed, while an automatic reminder can be sent with the click of a button.

e-Sign supports all devices, and you can require or allow users to choose between typing or signing their signature. The latter is especially beneficial for mobile devices or touchscreens, who can sign with their finger or a stylus.


The advantage of Flowz Suite is that it comes with free email software to work efficiently. With this app, you can easily sync your accounts and send/receive an email in no time. You don’t have to switch between different platforms because you have everything, including your email, in the same dashboard. It just saves time and increases productivity.

Technical support

Flowz has several ways of providing support if you run into technical problems. Your first point of contact is the Knowledge Base, which has manuals for the tools, working in the cloud, services, billing, and more. There is also an FAQ to answer frequently asked questions. In addition, a video appears explaining how to get started when you first access the essential tools.

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Direct support is available via email and webchat. The chat window sometimes appears even if you are stuck on a page. It doesn’t take long to reach a staff member. Email support is slower – you have to choose a department, indicate the level of urgency, and share as many details as possible. This ensures a thorough response.

The only downside is that the staff operates only five days a week, not on Saturdays or Sundays. Nevertheless, you can get a response 24 hours a day during the workweek, and my experience is that you will only have to wait a few minutes.

Benefits of Flowz

Project Management

Flowz helps you plan, manage and monitor the progress of your projects. The Kanban board lists the tasks in each phase of the project. You can provide tasks to individuals and set deadlines. Teams can use the comments column to add instructions, send updates and discuss assignments. Flowz also provides a calendar to schedule appointments and check team availability.

Communication Tools

Flowz connects you with your team and clients in one platform. You can synchronize your contacts and email accounts to send and receive emails. Team chat helps you improve internal communication by starting individual or group conversations. You can add anyone outside your company to these conversations. Flowz provides voice and video conferencing options for your meetings and appointments. It also provides an omnichannel approach to manage your customer queries so that you can handle calls, messages, and social media relations on one platform.

Collaboration and security

Flowz enhances your collaboration through a drive where you can store, organize and access files. You can share files with your team, sign the necessary documents, and be notified of changes made. In addition, Flowz allows you to create passwords for your folders and shares to enhance your security. These passwords can be saved in the vault and shared via QR code.


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Flowz’s pricing modules are pretty flexible and affordable, and the best part is that they provide plans for every stage of your business. You get unlimited users and full access to the software with each plan.

  • Free: 2GB space, $0.25/min for services, 24-hour turnaround, 2 revisions per job.
  • Premium: $12.50/mo – 100GB space, $0.23/min for services, 16-hour turnaround, 5 revisions.
  • Enterprise: $49.50/mo – 500GB space, $0.19/min for services, 8-hour turnaround, unlimited revisions.

Final words

Flowz is a reliable business software that offers remote business services at an affordable price. They have solutions for – teams, businesses, and entrepreneurs, all in one place. Flowz suite of tools has various robust tools to help you effortlessly manage and grow your business. Flowz services are comprehensive, and you can choose from the different services available.

Regardless of the size of your business, you will save money by replacing your separate software subscriptions with Flowz. The pricing model, which does not charge based on users, is a revelation. Plus, if you’re smart about storage and backups, you can get away without paying a cent thanks to the 2GB free plan.

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