Gold Watches Continue To Shine

by Jones David

Gold watches are an unapologetic statement of wealth and style. People who own gold watches understand that these timepieces are more about wearing their bank balance on their wrists and less about style. In the 1980s, gold watches were the epitome of the Wall Street yuppies. Today, the rich kids of Instagram, Gulf State royalty and oligarchs keep the trend alive.

Just like the saying “History repeats itself”, the world is starting to reappraise gold timepieces. Cartier, Rolex, and other manufacturers have used subtler designs and smaller designs to bring back the gold timepieces back in the spotlight. A few years back, the watch industry focused on making smaller timepieces with a number of features. However, just recently, the companies realized that The Best timepieces countered the showmanship with minimal detailing and simpler dials.

Gold was and still is arguably considered as the most iconic tone for watches, lending a timeless, refined edge. It has been proven that gold will not be going out of fashion any time soon when it comes to watches. If you are looking for the Best gold watches, check out the following list of timepieces that feature the material prominently to bring out sophistication, formality and of course, wealth.

Before we take a look at some of the top gold watches, let’s learn how to wear one once you have it.

How To Wear A Gold Watch

You are probably wondering which occasions and when it is appropriate to wear a gold watch. Styling a gold watch is simple. These precious timepieces are not just meant to be deployed in business meetings. They are also suitable off-duty as well, as long as the outfit is restrained. You can wear a gold watch with clothing ranging to navy pinstripe suits to oxford shirts to white tees with simple bombers and selvedge jeans. This simply shows that gold watches can be worn for all occasions.

Popular Gold Watches

  • Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Rolex continues to be one of the most sought after watch brands in the world. This is because Rolex never disappoints. The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is not only a reliable watch in terms of movement, but it has unique striking features which constitute for its exquisiteness. The design of the Daytona is bold and both the bezel and bracelet of this watch are made from 18 ct yellow gold.

  • Omega Constellation Globemaster

The Omega Constellation Globemaster recently received a Master Chronometer certification form METAS, an institution in charge of rating the accuracy of measuring equipment. The design of this watch is simple yet incredibly refined. The Globemaster is one of the few watch brands that boast a super-finely tuned Calibre Omega 8901 movement. What makes it one of the top gold watches in the world is that it boasts a unique pie pan dial and an 18K yellow gold case. The Omega is a fun, high-quality gold watch any high roller would be proud to have.

  • PaneraiRadiomir

Among all the sports watches available in the market today, only the Panerai can be worn as a dress piece. The Panerai is designed to fit macho wrists and while its case is relatively slim, it is fitted with Panerai P.3000/2 hand-wound movement giving it a vintage aesthetic. It makes a perfect addition to the gold watches.

  • Cartier, Calibre De Cartier

The most outstanding visual feature on this watch is its unique numerals. The color combination of gold, ivory, and black makes this timepiece bold and vivid. The Cartier, Calibre De Cartier has a unique style and its masculine edge makes it the perfect timepiece for dressed up attire. It is made of 18K gold and the opaline dial gives it a nice touch. This watch is recommended for nights out.

In Conclusion

Despite gold watches being expensive, from the information above it clearly shows that they are still very popular. Generally, they are popular because of the following main reasons:

  • 18K and 14K gold watches are very sturdy, meaning with proper care, they can last for an entire lifetime
  • Gold being a precious metal means that gold watches are a natural accessory to any outfit
  • People with status consider gold watches to be an attractive investment
  • Gold is considered an eternal symbol of living standards

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