Honda Ruckus Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

by Jones David

Lightweight, agile and powerful, your Honda Ruckus is the perfect go-to bike for commuting, trips to the store or anywhere else you need to go. Yet just like the big bikes, it needs top-quality parts and regular maintenance. Whether you’re a new owner of a Ruckus or you’ve had yours for a while, it never hurts to heed some smart advice for buying parts and motorcycle riding gear. This Honda Ruckus aftermarket parts and accessories buying guide can help get you started.

OEM Vs. Aftermarket

Unless you’re somewhat knowledgeable about motorcycle parts, you might think that aftermarket equals lower quality. As the huge range of available Honda Ruckus aftermarket parts and accessories proves, that’s certainly not the case. The key to choosing The Best gear for your bike lies in both your maintenance goals and the systems for which you’re buying parts.

As you probably know, OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer.” Simply put, it means the factory components that were normally on your bike when it rolled off the assembly line. These OEM components are either made by the bike’s original manufacturer or approved major manufacturers. Aftermarket components are made by third-party manufacturers and are usually either direct OEM replacements or mods intended to change the bike’s looks, sound or performance.

Modding Your Honda Ruckus

Honda Ruckus owners love their bikes for their versatility since they go virtually anywhere in the city. However, they usually want to make a few improvements. Some switch out the stock lead-acid battery for a lighter version to reduce the bike’s weight. One example is the Western Power Sports Featherweight Lithium Battery, number HJTZ7S-FP-IL. This lightweight power cell fits Honda Ruckus bikes and weighs in at only 1.3 pounds. Another great choice is BikeMaster’s Lithium-Ion Battery, number DLFP-7ZS, which weighs 1.5 pounds and features ultra-high cranking amps.

Tweaking your Ruckus’s intake and exhaust can also net you some speed and performance gains. The first key is helping your engine “breathe” better. With the Ruckus, you can usually do that by swapping out the stock air filter. A couple of good aftermarket choices include EMGO’s Clamp-On Universal Air Filter and K&N’s Universal Round Tapered Chrome air filter. Both versions have pleated surfaces to increase air intake surface area, boosting airflow while filtering out dirt and debris.

Ride Safe With Riding Gear Essentials

While you’re modding your Ruckus to get more power and speed, don’t forget to put safety as a top priority. You’ll need the right Honda motorcycle accessories for both weather and crash protection. Some excellent full-face helmets for scooter riders include the HJC CL-Max 3, a lightweight DOT approved helmet with an exceptional airflow system and a SuperCool moisture-wicking interior. Fly Racing’s Women’s Georgia II Motorcycle Jacket and the men’s Flux Air Mesh Ink’ N Needle Jacket both offer superior protection and breathability and reflective high-visibility panels for safe nighttime riding.

These items are just a few examples, but you’ll find plenty of Honda Ruckus components, accessories, tires and other gear on the market. Choosing a trusted Powersports parts supplier ensures you get The Best quality, value, and service.

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