How does technology help to find love online?

by Jones David

Not so long ago, dating websites were often saddled with negative stereotypes, labeled as a last resort for individuals unable to meet partners in the real world. But technology has impacted so many areas of modern life to make things more convenient, so it was only a matter of time before it affected dating.

Endless possibilities for generating matches online

Since the Internet has opened lines of communication across the world, there are no limits to the type of person you might end up connecting with. After signing up for an online dating agency, you will immediately be given access to the profiles of all the other site users – in the case of some of the larger websites, memberships run into millions across the globe. Stating the possibilities are endless is no exaggeration.

Being spoiled for choice does have an obvious downside. Faced with such a pool of potential partners, how do you narrow down the possibilities? This is where the technology underpinning these websites comes into its own.

When you first complete the application procedure to register with the site of your choice, you will typically be invited to select a username and choose a password, but you will also be asked to input your location. Algorithms encoded into the structure of the site will pick up on the data you supply from the outset. As soon as you input your postcode, the system can instantly produce a list of those site users in your proximity. This technology is particularly potent for daters focused on short-term or casual encounters rather than meaningful relationships. The website or app can inform you which of the site’s members are closest to your present position, allowing a rendezvous to be arranged within the tapping of a few keys.

There are many other possibilities in terms of fine-tuning your searches for a suitable partner. Some websites will offer a raft of criteria to base your inquiries on, from the obvious ones – male or female, straight or gay – to ethnic background, physical appearance, income level, and whether or not they have tattoos or piercings. Again, depending on personal taste, the potential dates you could interact with are limitless. Latinas, Japanese singles, interracial dates, polyamorous relationships, Christian or Muslim dating…Or anything else you could imagine.

The technology between generic websites and dating outlets has developed in tandem. As soon as the scope for the Internet to drive commerce was realized, dating site developers were quick to capitalize on the massive potential for harnessing e-commerce. Any business plan based on marketing human desire is pretty much guaranteed to be a success!

Aside from the financial aspect, dating resources have evolved in so many ways, making it quick and convenient for users to organize their loves lives from the comfort of home. 

VR technology could make a visualization of a perfect man or woman of your dreams.

As well as ensuring you have every chance of being matched with someone based on compatibility, dating sites have evolved to allow members different ways of communicating once they’ve made a connection. Not so long ago that would have been restricted to text messages, online chats, or phone calls. Over time this has expanded to video chatting. The latest evolution is the introduction of VR headsets.

Where your first impression of a potential partner would have been their profile photos, enhanced by the 3D version during a Zoom call, now you can receive an even more vivid depiction of the site user you’re flirting with. The advent of teledildonics – sensory software that allows the exchange of sensations over a data link – has added touch to the experience.

As well as interacting with a real person, VR technology has opened a Pandora’s box. The person at the other end of these interplays can be a computer-generated likeness – of a celebrity, an ex-partner. Currently, these 3D ‘avatars’ are still fairly crude in rendition, but the technology will only become more sophisticated over time.

Online relationships become a common thing for modern people.

Aside from a potentially exciting future, most of the millions of individuals joining dating sites or downloading apps are content with what is on offer at present. Online dating has become one of the success stories of our times, revolutionizing how relationships are formed (according to one recent survey, accounting for 40% of the total). If you’re new to virtual matchmaking and apprehensive about what might lie ahead, rest assured there will be a site just right for you. Nowadays, online dating website could bring bright colors and simplify everyone’s personal life. So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it about time you yielded to temptation and joined that four-tenths of contended adults?

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