How is upcoming technology revolutionizing the education system?

by Jones David

Education is an integral part of our lives. The future of our nation and its people relies on it. Old educational systems are now replaced by new ones with the help of technology. Technology has transformed the educational system completely. The use of computers, internet devices, and electronic media has changed a lot of things. Without the internet, you cannot imagine having a life. Internet service providers like Hughesnet Internet Price made it possible to get an education via the virtual education system even if you are living in a rural or remote area.

Following are some of the changes technology has made in our education system.

  1. Learning material:  

          In the past books were the only medium of education and there was no concept of mobile phones in schools and other educational institutions. But now books have been replaced by electronic media for example students are now given slides and soft copies of the syllabus instead of books and handwritten notes. They are more convenient, they are money as well, and they do not occupy more space and can be easily transferred from person to person.  You can use them on your mobiles and computers so they are easy to save. The concepts of the students become clearer as they gain knowledge from different sources instead of cramming from a single book. It increases the ability of thinking and creativity. Articles and books from all over the world are available for the students to learn from.

  1. Changes in classrooms

            These days every class has a projector and sound system to show the students’ different subject-related videos so they can connect with the subject easily. Blackboards are whiteboards are rarely present in any class. The student records are also kept online. Computer labs are present in educational institutes and students are given knowledge of it as it is a major part of our lives. Wi-Fi and internet devices are present in the institutions as well for the convenience of students.

  1. Discussion forums:

             Internet connects us with each other and it has shortened the distances so by use of internet educational institutes have made online discussion forum for teachers and students so they can connect with each other and solve the issues they might be facing in any subject or in general. Feedback is also a part of these discussions to make the system better than it is already. Surveys are also conducted for a better experience as per the needs of students. Groups are also created including all the students of the same grade so they can work as a team.

  1. Use of online system:

             From admission to applying for the degree, everything has become online. Every student is provided with their unique login accounts from the institute to keep track of their grades etc. the system is made for the convenience of the students. The assignments and projects are submitted online. Exams are also conducted online for the students taking virtual classes. All the student’s and staff records are maintained online.

  1. Virtual classes:

             Virtual classes have become very common and they help students of all ages, fields are areas to study what they want to without making a physical presence in the classrooms. Students who cannot attend classes due to any issue are able to take online classes and their exams are also conducted online. They keep in touch with the students and other teachers online if they need. It helps the students who are working or housewives to study what they want without having to leave their house.

  1. Global connection:

              With the use of new technology, students can get information about anything they want. They can read E-books and gather relevant data from online websites and portals. It increases their knowledge and also gives them the opportunity to have a broader perspective about things. Some universities are offering online certificate courses to students living abroad which allows students to improve their overall learning. Students are able to connect with experts all around the world. Certificates and diplomas are given which increases the worth of the resume of the students.

  1. Learning through real life examples:

               The Internet provides us with news and information from around the globe so it is easy for the student and the teacher to relate real-life incidents and situations with the information they are given in the books etc. it makes learning easy and effective as is it easier to remember things that way. 

  1. Practical example of theory: 

                 With the advancement in technology, theoretical knowledge can be tested practically these days with the use of highly equipped labs and instruments. It easy and beneficial for students to understand what they are being taught when they see a practical example of it.  

  1. Internship/job opportunities:

                   The technology is growing very fast and it is very easy for students with the help of the internet to find their field-related internship opportunities where they can do on-the-job training along with their studies. 

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