How Much Storage Do You Really Need On Your Phone?

by Jones David

We do a lot of things with our smartphones. We store photos, videos, messages, download emails, and browse web pages. It isn’t a surprise that these things take up plenty of our phone’s storage. Considering that many of the things we do daily depend on our phones, it’s crucial to ensure our devices have enough space. That brings us to the question- how much phone storage do you actually need?


Internal Phone Storage

Your phone’s internal storage is the amount of storage your device has in its drive. The amount of storage your phone has depends on the model and the type of smartphone you are using. Before purchasing a smartphone, check its storage capacity. The bigger the phone’s storage capacity is, the more expensive the phone is. If you buy a phone with minimal storage, you will have no space to store some of your data. Therefore, you will have to expand your phone’s storage or delete some items from the device to free up space. Most smartphones these days come with various storage options, namely:

·         8GB- This option is pretty rare nowadays, and it is usually available in old and cheap phones.

·         16 GB- The storage option offers enough storage to hold small photos and compressed videos. 

·         64 GB- The storage option is standard in most smartphones

·         128 GB-This is perhaps the most common storage option. 

·         256 GB-The storage memory is plenty enough for smartphone users seeking to store tons of photos, videos games, music files and videos. It is available on most new smartphone releases.

·         512 GB-The highest storage capacity on most smartphone models

If you want to expand your phone’s internal storage beyond 512GB, you can purchase an external drive such as MLC or TLC. Moreover, you can use cloud storage to expand your phone’s space. These two external storage options can boost your storage, although it is rare that you need more than 2 TB storage memory.

The Amount of Storage Each Task You Want To Complete With Your Smartphone Will Take

Phone storage space comes in three options, namely, Megabyte (MB), Gigabyte (GB), and Terabyte (TB). If you have more tasks you need to do with your phone, you could probably work with the GB option. If you have minimal tasks, MB can be a suitable storage option. However, if you want to complete many sophisticated tasks with your device, TB is the perfect storage option since it is much bigger than MB and GB.

Besides the tasks you would like to accomplish with your smartphone, other factors can affect the amount of phone storage you need. Below are other factors that determine the amount of phone storage you need.

·         Display resolution-The higher your phone’s pixel resolution is, the more precise and clearer your screen has to be. You need more data to achieve this clarity.

·         The number of photos on web pages– You need plenty of data to download images with your phone, especially if you download pictures from a webpage with more photos.

·         The quality of the graphics– the better the quality of graphics is, the higher the resolution you will need. Your phone will use more data to load the graphics.

·         The size of documents attached to your emails– The Larger the documents you attach to your emails are, the more data your phone will use to download the documents. Smaller documents require small amounts of data.

The Specific Tasks You Want To Perform With Your Smartphone

Different tasks require different storage. The type of task you perform with your phone will influence the amount of storage you require. For instance, if you are storing photos, you will need around 16 GB for 3,000 photos. If you were to record videos, you would require 1.5 GB to record your videos for an hour. Downloading music will take around 3 MB to 10 MB per music file, although data can vary depending on the music’s quality. You need about 5 MB to 2 GB of data if you want to download social media apps onto your phone.

What if My Phone Doesn’t Have Enough Storage?

You may wish to perform many tasks with your smartphone. However, this can be impossible if your smartphone runs out of space, especially if the device has limited storage space. Fortunately, you have several options for boosting your phone’s storage. Some of these options include:

·         Use a microSD card- A microSD is a tiny card you insert into the phone to provide extra storage. The card is removable, and you can also insert it into other devices.

·         Use cloud storage-Cloud storage entails storing data digitally. You can save your files, photos, videos, and documents on a cloud network and then access them from your phone.

·         Free up space– You can manually free up space on your phone’s internal storage. You can check your phone to see what is taking plenty of space. Delete it, especially if you don’t need it.

Final Words

There isn’t a definite amount of storage you need on your phone. The amount of storage can vary depending on your preferences. If you want to do more tasks with your phone, you will need more storage. Similarly, you won’t need plenty of storage if you wish to accomplish a few tasks with your phone.

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