How robots run the internet

by Jones David

When we think of robots, the first thing most people imagine is programmed machines that can perform designated tasks with superior efficiency. Even though the science fiction in books, TV shows, and movies can exaggerate their appearance and autonomous capabilities, the improvements in internet technologies and artificial intelligence show that reality is much closer than we think.

Not many people notice, but a big part of our reality – the digital world is already dominated by internet bots. While we can already observe some complex automated machinery in our workplaces, the vast majority of bots only exist in a form of code on the web.

In this article, we will focus on the most popular types of internet bots. By taking a deeper look at their functionality, we can determine why bots can be seen as useful and versatile tools and also analyze their potential malicious nature.

Because many websites on the internet are trying to find and eliminate bots, legitimate users use proxy servers as a necessary protection to continue their tasks without interruptions. For example, an snkrs bot is often used to automate purchases at limited-edition sneaker drops. Without a reliable proxy provider, bot users are not only visible but also easily targetable. An intermediary server provides a safety blanket to our network identity and allows robots to keep dominating the internet. is a legitimate proxy provider that also provides useful information for sneaker enthusiasts that want to protect their snkrs bot. For now, let’s take a look at the most popular internet bot types and their contributions to our digital society.

Collect data with a web scraping bot

Web scraping bots are incredible tools that accelerate the process of data collection. With different options: from free, publicly available programming frameworks to multi-functional bots for data analytics teams, automated data extraction methods have revolutionized our business landscape. Once analyzed, the collected information is used to organize and execute important business decisions and outsmart the competition.

Using two bots at the same time is a common practice for many business models. For example, to get the most out of a snakes bot, you might use web scrapers to collect information about the upcoming sneaker drops.

Data extraction is the fuel for today’s business activities. The growing market for customizable web scraping bots not only grants the necessary tools for modern companies but also creates new businesses based on information extraction. These bots encourage company cooperation and the creation of convenient services for internet users that are interested in finding the best solutions and saving money.

Even if most companies use web scrapers to improve and maintain their business, the fight for public data is very competitive. Even if collecting information from competitor websites is not illegal, everyone wants to maintain the highest percentage of real human traffic. Because of it, web scraping bots need residential proxies to cover up your network identity. Internet anonymity is necessary for robots to reach their peak efficiency but ensuring privacy for everyone also creates good circumstances for using bots for malicious purposes.

The dark side of internet bots

A massive influx of internet bots brought us many benefits, but a larger percentage of these robots are used for harmful activities. Cybercriminals can use different types of bots that fit the needs of a chosen malicious job. For example, web scraping public information is not illegal, but third parties can use these bots to steal sensitive data or overload the webserver with traffic, creating a DDoS attack.

A margin between good bots and bad bots can become blurry when we start analyzing robots that automate the purchase of retail goods. While tech-savvy internet users see them as a great opportunity to save money and discover the best deals, it can ruin the shopping experience for casual customers. The majority of computer parts, gaming consoles, sneakers, and other limited edition goods end up in the hands of resellers that abuse robots. Once the supply is depleted, disgruntled clients have to overpay for the desired goods. For example, if you want to have a chance at buying rare sneakers, you may need an snkrs bot to perform a successful checkout.

Today, a large portion of these malicious bots are operated by countries that flood social media platforms with comments to create mayhem and boost their narrative. Authoritarian governments often attempt to expand their influence and a way of life into other cultures by infiltrating their digital environment. Identifying these fake accounts and the spread of misinformation has become the priority for social media websites that thrive by maintaining a high level of real user engagement.

The influence and further development of robots in our digital environment will only keep growing. If you are a business owner or just a casual web surfer, understanding the advantages and downsides of internet bots will help you benefit from these tools, as well as avoid their harm. Analyzing these changes is the best way to adapt to a society driven by automation.

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