How Technology Improves the Field of Personal Injury Law

by Jones David

Technology has undoubtedly revolutionized practically every element of how we live our lives and do business. When you think about it, only a handful of things have been unaffected by technological advancements.

Many professional areas, including the legal industry, have benefited greatly from incorporating cutting-edge technology into their businesses. This is why an increasing number of insurance firms, lawyers, and courthouses have made use of technological advancements to help them complete their duties more efficiently. This is especially true in personal injury litigations, where cases must be handled quickly, and evidence that is not acquired fast may be lost forever.

This is what we’re here to discuss today, so let’s dive into how technology may help with settlements in personal injury cases. 

Wooden gavel on table in courtroom

Using AI to assess claims

In personal injury cases, determining the value of a claim can take a long time and put tremendous work on the shoulders of lawyers, even those with plenty of experience in the field like the law firm JT Legal out of Los Angeles, California

However, lawyers, as well as insurance firms, could soon be able to use Artificial Intelligence to speed up the process, turning hours of effort into mere seconds. AI can be used to calculate compensation, analyze evidence, and determine patterns, simplifying the entire legal process. This allows victims to get a clearer idea of how much compensation they can anticipate receiving so that they can choose whether to go for a settlement or not. 

Leveraging technology inside the courtroom

The field of law is far from being an exact science, even though there are guidelines you can follow. This is why many lawyers have begun to use technology to provide indisputable evidence in courtrooms and prove their cases beyond a reasonable doubt.

For example, a lawyer in Canada was able to win a case by providing evidence from their client’s Fitbit. The client was a personal trainer wounded by a car accident that left them unable to work. Data from the Fitbit watch was able to prove the client was significantly less physically active following the accident than the usual person of the same age and fitness level, 

The ability to use hard evidence to demonstrate how the plaintiff’s life has been harmed can considerably diminish the defense’s capacity to minimize the victim’s damages. Furthermore, because this type of evidence can be obtained and processed quickly, court time and financial costs are greatly decreased as well. 

Technology will never replace the need for a good lawyer

It is becoming clear that technology will begin to play a significant role in solving personal injury claims. Still, it does not change the fact that you will require the services of an experienced attorney if you have been in an accident and may be entitled to compensation. 

Whatever advantages technology brings to courtrooms, particularly in personal injury cases, the truth is that it will never be able to completely replace a competent attorney. Because the evidence needs to be gathered, put together, and delivered to the court by someone who knows what they’re doing.

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